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Jun 16, 2008 01:31 PM

I miss Isaly's ham salad!

I grew up in Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill) in the '50's and would always buy chipped ham and ham salad at the Isaly's on Forbes Ave. Now I live near San Francisco and have the occasional craving for the ham salad. (I'm not going to ask about chipped ham, since I'm assuming that requires special slicing equipment.) Can anyone give me a recipe? Not sure if this should have gone on the Home Cooking Board, but I figure it will appear in the correct place.Thanks!

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  1. Maybe they'd tell you! (they also sell some of their products!

    1. Why don't you see if they'll give it to you?

      1. Hey,
        I grew up in Monaca, PA and Ray Herk's ham salad was the best! Since he's gone and his store has become a car wash, I'm on a mission to recreate Western PA ham salad. I'm just north of SF, CA so we're close. What part of the Bay Area are you in? and are you interested in taste testing? My thoughts are: ground baked ham, mayo, relish. The relish will be the kicker....sweet? hotdog?... I'm betting Ray used Hertz.
        PS: a cousin living in LA about 30 yrs ago caused havoc when he saw a banner for "PA Chipped Chopped Ham" and crossed 4 lanes of traffic to hit the exit.

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          That might be fun. I'm in Mill Valley. Maybe we could gather some other Western PA'ers for a taste test! Where is Monaca, PA?

        2. wow. I haven't thought about that for years. We used to go to Isaly's in Coraopolis for Klondike's -back when the chocolate was thick and the ice cream was good. That's what I miss!

          Anyone else from Coraopolis or thereabouts ? I also remember ordering square slices of pizza from a pizza shop there - you could order each slice separately and get what you wanted. A wonderful childhood memory - I remember it as great pizza. I'm not sure I would think that now,but it was wonderful back then!

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            Square pizza makes me think of Beto's--one out by CMU and one on Banksville Road. Their square-cut pies were a delicacy of my youth. Tried Beto's again a couple of years ago, and the thrill is gone. Even the "hot & greasy" factor could not redeem these cheerless slabs. Goodby Beto's, hello Lanesplitters!

            1. re: harpandheart

              I am from coraopolis, and loved ham salad and pizza plaza pizza. My dad said the ham salad was boiled ham chunk of bologna,mayo and sweet pickles. One of my dear friends growing up was the daughter of original owners of pizza plaza. She would invite me to her house for lunch, her mom and uncle were making the big sheets of pizza crust for the night and we had pizza right out of the pizza oven from the basement kitchen. One of my fondest memories!

            2. I remember ham salad was my craving in my first pregnancy. It had celery, mayonnaise, and relish. At that time I worked in the Wall Street area in NY, and at lunch time I would have a delightful ham salad sandwich in the marine cafeteria nearby.