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MIS - Morel Mushroom Dish @ Father's Office

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This is a "May I Suggest" post...

I was very pleasantly surprised by the morel mushroom appetizer on deck at Father's Office Culver City right now. It's served in a bowl with a healthy amount of slightly above average morels, some fiddlehead fern, some bacon, lima beans (I think) and something called a "one-hour egg."

I thought it was delicious and the only thing missing was a slice of bread to soak up the morel broth at the bottom. Maybe not for everyone, but I thought it was great paired with a Rogue Hazelnut Brown.

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  1. Ohhhh I need to run back over there--again! That sounds really good to me! Thanks for letting us know. But what's fiddlehead fern? Are they putting house plants in dishes now? :)

    1. A Fiddlehead Fern is a very young, edible fern that when in it's curled up state, resembles the head of a fiddle

      1. Oooh that sounds lovely. Too bad FO doesn't serve good bread with their cheese plates and the aforementioned appetizer. It often tastes lifeless!

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          Yeah, the bread is a real afterthought there and I ALWAYS run out of bread before I run out of cheese. And, btw, do they really have to put two of the burger cheeses on the damn cheese plate? 90% of the people end up eating the gruyere and blue twice in a two course meal!

          Anyway, morels = yum. :)

        2. It sounds a lot better than the tiny plate of morels for which I paid Cut in Las Vegas $20 not long ago.

          1. I totally wanted to get that when I was there for lunch, but they only served it at dinner! It was a special, I hope they have it again. It sounds delicious.

            1. Good luck asking for bread. No sustitutions, no adaptations, no extras.

              Imagine little thin pale Oliver, holding his FO burger or morels, or whatever.

              "Please, sir, may I have some Ketchup?"

              The dish sounds yummy, though! NExt time I see Morels at the farmer's market, I'll get a bunch and copy it. I have to figure out what a one-hour egg is. Maybe slow cooked in the shell? a bagless sous vide?