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Joey Crugnale new venture

Just read on www.woburnonline.com that he is opening a new place in Woburn to sell prepackaged gourmet meals.

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  1. I had to look Joey up on the web.
    Partner in Steve's Ice Cream, then founded Bertucci's, then Naked Fish.
    Who knew?

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      Not a partner in Steve's, he bought Steve's from Steve Herrell. This was followed by a labor dispute at the original location.

    2. Interesting name of the place: "Pecks". I'm assuming this is on Route 38 on the "other" side of 128 going towards Tewksbury?

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      1. re: LindaWhit

        It will be located on 38 right before the lights at School Street - going north on right hand side (after the church and ball field) - it is an old Shell Station now.

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          Had to Mapquest it as I don't know that side of Route 38. :-) Got it now - not too far beyond the Trade Center. Any idea on when it is to open? I'd stop by there on occasion if I just didn't feel like cooking.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Nothing mentioned on an opening - will post if I here anything!

      2. I delivered mail in Woburn for over 20 yrs, on the west side, which has most of the higher-priced real estate, but not much beyond fast food as far as eateries go. North Woburn definitely has the west side beat as far as food options are concerned. Anyone going to Peck's might want to also take note of the Lanna Thai diner and the pho place (Pho #1, if memory serves) across the street. Also, the french fries at the Roast Beef Round-Up have been praised on this board. All these places are within the same couple of blocks on Rt 38. In mild weather, there's often a produce truck parked in that area - a retired man who gets his stuff from Haymarket. He's also usually in front of the Library in Woburn Center on Saturdays. I always bought his strawberries and other fruits and vegetables - good prices and quality.

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          I've bought that produce guy's strawbs and peaches and blackberries and blueberries - VERY good stuff!

        2. looks like the building is coming along.

          they now have a website


          claim an August opening

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            An impressive menu (obviously not all will be available an any given time). Will have to keep an eye out for the opening.

          2. I've heard they will open Sept 4th! Can't wait!

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              Did you hear from them or are you one of them? (First post and all that). Last Email I got back from them everal weeks ago said to watch the website, but they still thought late August. Which essentially would be next week.

              1. re: LindaWhit

                a sign on their front window announces a September 4th opening.

                1. re: hungrywoburn

                  I had gotten an Email from a "Lisa" (I think that was her name) at Peck's saying the 9/4 opening, but looks like a few days later, per babs' comment below. Think I'll give it a few weeks or so to shake out.

              1. I stopped in to Peck's today to check it out. As someone else mentioned, the prices aren't bad. Refrigerated dinners included chicken parm, meatloaf, etc. There was fresh pizza, sandwiches and soups available. I got a sausage slice to go and it was reasonable at 2.60 for a good size slice; it was very tasty.

                Has anyone tried the pre-packaged entrees?

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                1. re: Jana

                  I've been twice. Pizza is decent and I think the best bargain. If they are touting "healthier" prepackaged meals, I had turkey meatballs that were so salty that they tasted like a box of boullion cubes. I also got a "lemon chicken" which was one chicken cutlen with a little breading and a slight lemon flavor ...to the tune of $6 bucks and change. No bargain there. Red sauce or gravy very average at best. Maybe I'll need a recheck in a few weeks. But not all that impressed.... except for the pizza.

                2. A friend just reported back, positively, after several visits to Peck's. Was also complimentary of the pizza.

                  Anyone else been since they've had a chance to settle in?

                  1. I stopped in last Frday and got somepizza and a ceasar salad. They were both very good. The pizza was almost as good as Napoli's in Lowell. They had pumpkin raviolis in a sage butter sauce as a special but were all out of it.

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                    1. re: catsmeow

                      Looks like it is closed now. Never seemed to catch on.

                      1. re: hungrywoburn

                        You know, I was driving past that exit on 128 South over the weekend, and thought about this place. Went that one time; was underwhelmed.

                        1. re: hungrywoburn

                          I drove by last night and noticed the same thing! Tough time to be opening a business. . .

                      2. That's a shame. I really loved the pizza. I can understand part of the reason it didn't make it. One afternoon, I stopped in and wanted to order 8 slices for around 6:00. The counter guy said they would have plenty and I didn't need to order it. I arrived at 6 and he told me they only had 2 slices left. I reminded him about what he said and he had an "oh well" attitude. They closed at 7 that day. The chef overheard me and offered to make a whole pie for me. I agreed and waited for it. A few weeks earlier, I got 2 containers of the pumpkin ravioli. It was horrible. Very pasty and stuck together. I threw the second container out. I thought the raviolis were a bit expensive as well. I've gotten pizza in there many times and it was never busy. Too bad.

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                          I have walked in there twice, with the intention of getting some dinner. What I found both times was overpriced, unappetizing food displayed in a confusing manner. I left empty handed both times. I suppose I just don't get it?