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Jun 16, 2008 01:14 PM

Tony's diNapoli, 43rd St.

I'm meeting some Californians at Tony's on 43rd St in a few weeks. Anyone havve any feedback? I tend to shy away from theater-district restaurants, myself.

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  1. did this once w/my parents before a show. It was in the same vein as Carmine's but I thought the service was better at Tony's.

    Wasn't terrible - wasn't great.

    1. I'd shy away from this one too. they serve family style portions.

      1. If you like Carmine's, you'll like this. I actually prefer this place over Carmine's.. it's not as touristy but still very popular. They're penne a la vodka is good.

        1. Tony diNapoli is pretty good, just not fabulous but it depends what you are looking for. Sambucca and Carmine's are very similar. Tony's is large family style portions served in a bustling setting in the heart of the theater district. The Tony's chicken is very good and so are the pastas. Chicken dishes are more generous to share than shrimp but all around you will have a good meal. Their salads are also very tasty.