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Jun 16, 2008 01:14 PM

Late dining in Downtown or South Philly?

I am arriving in Philly at 10pm at the airport in a couple of days.Anyone have any recommendations for either Downtown (close to Rte 95) or South Philly that are open till 11 pm (at least).As long as the food's good I don't care about ambiance.

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  1. The Ugly American, at Front Street, just below Washington Ave is both near 95 and in South Philly!

    1. Where are you staying? In Philly, or in one of the suburbs?

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        I am staying in the far northeast near bristol and the franklin mills outlet mall

      2. Most bars/gastropubs' kitchen are open until 1am. Royal Tavern, Ugly American, South Philly Tap Room, Chickie's & Pete's, Cantina los Caballitos are a few.

        1. chinatown!! take the 676 exit off of 95, get off at broad street exit and you are two blocks away. shiao lan kung and david's mai lai wah should be open. then you go straight down race street to get back on 95. super easy.

          ugly american is also close to 95 too, though i've never had the food. most of law girl's recs are a pain to get to if you just want a quick stop.

          also, memphis taproom is a newly opened place with good eats v close to the girard avenue exit. thankfully it is not a desitination type place, but it is always packed with a cetain type of locals (the new kind). despite that (hehe) it is a very good place.