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Halu on 8th Ave and Clement?

So I was walking around Clement a few days ago, and noticed that the old Mama san location on 8th ave, just off Clement, changed its awning (by changed, I mean painted black over the previous green, not a great paint job) and now it's called Halu, and has a subheading something like "A unique and different Japanese restaurant." Anyone have any info on this, and could it possibly be a ramen place???

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  1. Googling led me to this: http://www.mermen.net/ The Mermen were playing at their grand opening yesterday. According to this, the restaurant offers "a unique spin on yakitori style". Not connected to Ramen Halu of San Jose as far as I can see. I'll check this Halu out next time I'm in the neighborhood and report back.

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      Wow, that's some deep Googling! All I got was Ramen Halu in SJ references....I'm tentatively excited for a not sushi addition to Japanese fare....Thanks and let me know how it is, I'll try to check it out soon, too, as it is in my neighborhood...

    2. I subscribe to a newsletter on tiki-related happenings, and this was in it the other day:

      "Mimi and Shigemi Komiyama will celebrate the GRAND OPENING of their
      new San Francisco restaurant : HALU.
      This project has been in the works for years and is the fulfillment of a dream
      for Mimi and Shig. As described by Mimi and Shig the menu is their own unique
      spin on Japanese Yakitori style. HALU will also have an excellent
      Sake & Beer selection."

      I am very much looking forward to trying it.

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        I just read about this place in the Tablehopper newsletter...In addition to yakitori (20 kinds) they will serve five different kinds of ramen (noodle handmade by Mimi), various side dishes (e.g. agedashi tofu, donburi, salads, etc.). Only 25 seats and serving dinner only for now. Shigemi Komiyama was at Yoshida-Ya some twenty years ago and both owners studied cooking for three years in Yokohama. 312 8th Avenue near Clement.

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          What impressed me most was that Shigemi Komiyama played drums for Hot Tuna.for a year.

      2. okay, I'm not imagining things! I walked by there yesterday and thought, "didn't this use to be . . .?"
        Noodles and the drummer from Hot Tuna? What's not to like!

        1. I went to check out Halu last night, and it was good. The new owners repainted the place a soothing mint green, and put up a ton of Beatles posters. We had ramen and also a few of the yakitori and kushi katst. The chicken wings were nicely charred, seasoned with salt (you can also get the sauced version) and the kushi katsu okura is really great...breaded with panko, deep fried on a stick! I've never seen kushi katsu on a menu here, and am excited to try the many different offerings on the menu. Halu's version is really crispy, not greasy, perfect with beer.

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            Thanks for reporting back.

            312 8th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118

          2. Is there any relation to the Ramen Halu down in SJ? I've been going there since it opened and it remains my favorite ramen place around.

            Ramen Halu
            375 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

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              No, not related. Already stated in second post of the thread.

            2. Went there the other day and had a light cold soba noodle salad with daikon and an order of yakitori. The seasonings escape me but it was enjoyable and relatively inexpensive. I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of the menu.

              1. Dropped by today and they were closed for the day due to "machine failure." Not sure what happened but the sign on the door said they were reopening tomorrow.

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                  The heat wave caused failure of equipment at many restaurants.

                2. I had dinner at Halu on Sunday night around 5:30pm and sat at the counter. I ordered the chashu ramen and on recommendation from the waitress, also got the chicken and basil kushi katsu (deep fried) skewer and stuffed mushroom yakitori (grilled) skewer. Each order is 2 skewers with a bit of house tonkatsu sauce. The deep fried chicken and basil skewer was delicious - very juicy and flavorful and the basil added nice contrast. The mushroom was stuffed with a bit of cream cheese (I think) and minced onion, cilantro, and parsley - also very tasty. The ramen had a deep, rich broth with basic toppings - wakame seaweed, boiled egg, pickled red ginger - accompanying buttery soft, meaty thick slices of chashu pork. The noodles had good texture, a bit softer than I prefer but that can be remedied next time. I'll definitely come back for the ramen but I'm also eager to try the other yakitori and kushi katsu items as well as some unique homemade items like tofu steak (tofu with 3 sauce preparations) and special flavored teas.

                  Business looked good. About halfway into my meal, all the seats had filled up with one or two people waiting outside. I chatted up Shig and his friend at the counter and they were excited by the traffic and reception the restaurant has been getting since opening. Recommended (especially before word gets out even more)!

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                    We went to Halu for the first time last night for an early (5:30) dinner before a movie. We easily snagged a table for two since there was only one other customer and he was at the counter. We enjoyed the Beatles motif and the food, which seems to put SF in the right direction again for having some authentic Japanese cuisine, especially izakaya style. We had yakitori (momo), and skewers of ebi and scallop and pork and onions. Also spinach gomaae and two orders of the shake ochazuke. Bill came to around $73.00 before tip but also including two small bottles of sake. Service was friendly. Will definitely return.

                  2. Finally made it to Halu last night after having it on my radar for a year and a half! I loved it and will definitely be back -- wish they were open for lunch so it would be easier, but it is worth the effort. I had yakitori, one skewer each of chicken liver, chicken wing, asparagus, potato, pork with onion, and beef short rib....all very tasty, the chicken liver and asparagus were the best -- I felt I would be happy to eat these every day. A nice spring salad, rice, miso soup, and an appetizer of hot grilled mochi with butter and seaweed set me back a little less than $30; you could do it for less if you order carefully since individual skewers start at less than three bucks. It is tiny...you will bump into other diners on your way in....but once situated in the cozy room with Beatles memorabilia and music, very comfortable. Good place for a solo diner, stools at the bar to watch the chef at work. There is a small city parking lot next door, free in the evening and surprisingly several spaces available on a Saturday night.

                    312 8th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118