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Jun 16, 2008 01:09 PM

lower cape dining (orleans) for July 4th weekend

Going to the B&B in Orleans for July 4th, dinner advise for 2 nights appreciated, also places for lunch

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  1. Abba is a gem. In a tiny house on an out of the way street. Surprisingly inventive menu. If you get an early res, you also get the waitstaff's undivided attention and a chance to observe the locals in their element at the bar.

    1. The Beachcomber in Wellfleet is great for a nice lunch overlooking the water while enjoying a mudslide or two! :)

      I would also suggest Abbicci in Yarmouth Port for dinner if you don't mind a little drive (about 25 minutes). My wife and I really love it there.

      1. If you post on the New England board you may get more responses. The Land Ho in the center of town is very popular and busy but they have very good clam chowda and good burgers; at Rock Harbor in Orleans for fried seafood and Lobsta is Catain Cass Restaurant; both of these are very casual.

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          Don't miss having a lunch or dinner at Land Ho in Orleans. We've never had a bad meal there. Lots of locals eat there. A few years ago, we were serenaded tableside by bagpipes after the July 4 parade. A loud but unforgettable experience.

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            I will also third the Land Ho. I completely forgot about that when I posted. Great casual place that all of the locals frequent.

          2. Abba is great, Nauset Beach Club (on the way to the beach, naturally) is still decent Italian. Mahoney's Atlantic Grill on Main Street, cool and tasty, ahi tuna is a good choice.

            Land Ho for casual food is okay, and Cooke's Seafood is a great fried seafood bargain, where 28 runs into 6A.

            Also be sure to check out the Chocolate Sparrow, excellent hot chocolate, teas and coffees, baked goods, and yummy treats.

            Dinner, I'd do Abba one night and Mahoney's or Nauset Beach Club the other. Do Land Ho for one lunch, Cooke's for the other. And all without even leaving Orleans.

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              Stick with Dan and other's recs for Abba. Abicci is too far in the 4th IMHO. Traffic on 6 A will be at a snail's pace. Nauset Beach Club used to be fabulous but the waitstaff snobs IMHO. I love the Beacon Room near the horrid Jail House and wonderful Abba.

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                I also recommend Mahoney's and Abba for dinner. Liam's at Nauset Beach has wonderful thin, sweet onion rings. Beacon is good for lunch or dinner. We prefer Sir Cricket's for lunch over Cooke's. Avoid Cap'n Cass at Rock Harbor, better to pick up something to go elsewhere and enjoy Rock Harbor at sunset. I've not been to the new Thai place next to the Lobster Claw but have heard good things about it.

            2. Beacon Room in Orleans is great for a dinner . Cooke's for a seafood fried informal lunch is also very good as is Land Ho if you can get in the door.