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Jun 16, 2008 12:48 PM

Chinese Restos still around


Recently two of my favorite restos closed ZEN and Chrysanthem

I am looking for places to replace these 2. There is hot and spicy to replace ZEN but was wondering if there were others. And I know the owners of chrysanthem have another resto on peel but i didnt like it much.

So i was wondering what the best chinese places are in montreal


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  1. Do you want to know the best Chinese places in Montreal, or the places that would have the sort of food you're looking for? In either case, it's pretty subjective, but there are many threads on this list, if you do a search for Chinese food. There's the whole "Chinatown west" area near Concordia, that has many places, all discussed here (Tapioca The, Pret a Manger, etc.), and Chinatown itself (Beijing, Keung Kee, etc.). But it depends what you're looking for, so I'd recommend checking out the previous threads for starters.

    1. Well was kinda looking for two specific types: the all you can eat sit down thats somewhat fancy. And the fancy chinese place. Something like the two that closed down

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        For a fairly recent rundown of Chinese restos, see

        Four remaining linen tablecloth and napkin Chinese places I can think of are: L'Ochidée de Chine, Le Piment Rouge, Mr. Ma and the new Mahjongg up on Décarie. With the exception of the last, where I've not yet been and so can't say, none of them are frequented by people who are serious about authentic Chinese food.

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          Not too many all you can eat Szechuan-Thai tuxedo restos left. The first one that comes to mind is La Perle on St-Jean ( There's also Le Gourmet Hot and Spicy on Decarie. Haven't been to any of them in over 10 years though. Not authentic Chinese to be sure, but one does crave a General Tao chicken and peanut butter dumplings once in a while.

        2. There’s also Finesse d’orient located at Place du Commerce on Nun’s Island which offer a similar formula to the now defunct Zen

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            Zen was fantastic when it first opened. It was run by a guy that dressed like Hugh Hefner and always smoked a pipe.

            I was there once and saw Pierce Bronson and we chatted and knowing that he was a cigar smoker I gave him a cigar. At the end of the evening when it was time for the bill we found out that he had picked up the tab for my friend and I.
            At the end Zen was ghastly, but at least it once served fine food, unlike Mahjong.

            This past weekend I joined friends for a birthday party at Sushi Palace on Poirier in VSL.
            Hearing that it was an all you eat place I wasn't expecting much.
            The sushi was actually quite good and the Chinese/Japanese food was excellent.
            The meals arrived quickly and the portions were large for an all you eat.
            The decor is very pleasant Zen-ish and the service very good with the waiters encouraging us to try things.
            At $24.95 I would definitely go back.
            Any one ever been to this place?

            1. re: InterFoodie

              re: Sushi Palace - I haven't been, but I'm intrigued. Is this the place at the far south end of the Galeries St-Laurent mall in which Marché Hawaii is also located? I never looked twice at it, but now I'll have to check it out, thanks!

              1. re: kpzoo

                kpzoo, it is right as you drive in the parking lot off of Poirier St.
                It is adjoining the mega sexshop, LOL

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                  Yup, that's the one I was thinking of - thanks a bunch! Over the years, that shopping centre has definitely morphed into something - ahem - eclectic. ;-)

              2. re: InterFoodie

                Kinza on St-Denis and Bienville also does all you can eat and it's not bad like Todai.

            2. Also Toqué Chine (Chine Toqué?!) on Ste Catherine in Westmount as well as Tao on Victoria in Westmount, though don't think they have the all-you-can-eat formula....

              1. Sorry to bring back an old topic, was wondering if anyone had some insight on my original question! Thanks

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                  Chine Toque in Westmount is not good. I have been twice (once too many- was not my idea to return). While the service was fast & friendly and the menu pretty expansive, the food is had me scratching my head each time as to how they can possibly stay in business. Had the basil-beef which was some sort of half-breed unrecognizable pre-chewed meat with no sign of basil and a tasteless sauce. Last time I had tofu & veggies which should have been a harmless choice but was unbelievably unappealing cryo-vack-type muchy tofy & again a completely tasteless brown sauce. Ditto for China Grill, where the food is just as horrible but the decor a bit more urban. China Grill also serves-up rude service though...