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Jun 16, 2008 11:33 AM

Quality tasting menus/prix frie that won't break the bank?

So who has the best value tasting menus here? ie tasting menus that won't break the bank

The ones I know of...

- Hatfield's market menu ($46pp)
- Lucque's Sunday Supper ($40 pp)
- Jiraffe has a 3 course bistro menu on Monday nights ($35)
- Lou on Vine - Monday Nights 3 courses + wine pairings $55

Anything else?

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  1. Providence Chef's tating menu (expensive, but Waaaay wroth it. Ask for the "worst tbale in the house" and see if you can save 10%

    Spago Tasting menu. Not as good at the "P" but good.

    Osteria Mozza -me, I'm not a fan, but a lot of hhounds love it.

    But, do you mean tasting menu's, whcih can differe seasonally or night to night, or Pre Fixe, which have between 3 and 4 courses and are set for at least the season?

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      Sorry, I clarified the OP a bit. I know of all the nice tasting menus but I'm trying to not blow 2-300 bucks on every meal lol.

    2. I actually had the prix fixe at Mimosa the other day - three courses for $33 (they do this daily).

      Not a bad deal, I'd say. It's not really a "tasting menu" by any means so I know this was a stretch ...

      1. Jiraffe has a 3 course bistro menu on Monday nights ($35). The menu changes weekly (and is posted online) although options are limited. I haven't been for the bistro menu but have thoroughly enjoyed the food at Jiraffe on other nights.

        1. Lou on Vine has a price fixe menu on Monday nights that is based on seasonal ingredients -- three courses plus wine parings for $55. I found it a good bargain, given the quality and quantity of the food and wine served during the course of the meal.

          The menu changes weekly. Here's more info:

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            Campanile has Monday 3 course dinners for $40.

            Dominick's, unless they stopped doing it recently, has sunday 3 course suppers for $15.

          2. Josie has a great farmer's market inspired 3-course prix-fixe on wednesdays for $35.

            Right now Grace has a 5th anniversary tasting menu nightly, featuring 5 courses for $55. I haven't tried this tasting menu, but their regular menu is great.

            Violet has a 3-course Sunday prix-fixe for $25. I think you can also get a bottomless glass of wine for $10 on Sundays. Note that Violet is a more casual choice, and the food is not nearly as good as the other places mentioned thus far, but it's still great quality for the price point.

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            1. re: Nicole

              wow, that Grace tasting menu sounds awesome!

              1. re: ns1

                I know, I am eager to try it! Seems like a good value, too.