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Jun 16, 2008 11:31 AM

how is the Indian restaurant s. of Rhinebeck with the new management?

I had heard decent things about the Indian restaurant on 9 just south of Rhinebeck and see that they're now under new management. Has anyone been since the switchover? Any reports? And did they by any chance get a liquor license with the changeover?

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  1. I have not been there myself yet, but I understand that they are now owned/run by the same folks as Tanjore in Fishkill. I recently ate at Tanjore and enjoyed it very much - the service was friendly and good, and the food was tasty. We enjoyed Samosas in particular. Nothing too unusual but good, tasty Indian food in a nice casual setting.

    Some friends in the Rhinebeck area have been to the one you are asking about and gave it a good review. I believe they were there for the buffet. I am hoping to go at some point soon.

    I realize this is a little lame as a reply ( 3rd hand report), but I hate it when you post and no one replies...:-)

    1. Yes we have applied for liquor license.

      1. I went for their grand opening (free dinner!) and I thought it was totally solid with a lot of potential, especially considering that they were doing buffet-style dinner for several hundred people. Nothing too unusual but a fair bit of variety, especially compared to the other options in the area.

        1. It's quite excellent IMO. We have been to the Wednesday & Sunday evening buffet, both delicious, and the weekday lunch buffets, smaller but a great bargain (5th one is free if you get their little card). Esp delicious off the menu are the dosa appetizers, the vegetable dishes & dairy dishes, & the Indian ice cream dessert (kulfi)