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Jun 16, 2008 10:58 AM

BYOB In Providence, RI?

Looking for BYOB restaurants for a wine tasting group in providence. Any thoughts?



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  1. Casa Christine, except I can't really recommend it. The owner is such a b*tch she makes your night truly unpleasant. Some will say she's 'a hoot' and that's part of the fun, but I don't see it that way. Not sure what BYOBs are left in Providence.....Apsara, asian in the south end I think?

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    1. re: JaneRI

      Apsara is still BYOB. There's a store nearby that sells Thai beer, too.

      1. re: RI Swampyankee

        Is Swaddaddee the Thai place on Hope Street still BYOB?

      2. re: JaneRI

        I am remembering Blue Elephant on Wickenden as BYOB but maybe I am just misremembering? Or they were in the process of getting their liquor license? Well, perhaps Blue Elephant.

      3. Guido's Restaurant at 100 Hope Street is a small Italian place (across the street from Rue De L'Espoir) that I personally really like (some don't) that is often quiet on weeknights and accordingly could accommodate a group. I recommend their special sauce.

        These are BYOB but may not be appropriate cuisines depending on what you're serving:
        - Solomon's Market, 404 Benefit Street (Korean)
        - Sakura, 231 Wickenden Street (Sushi, etc)

        And yes, I went to Sawaddee Thai at 93 Hope St recently and it was BYOB.

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        1. re: Snakebite

          tokyo on wickenden good sushi and tempura great pairings for summer wines

        2. Thanks to all who replied... We will try some of these out....


          1. Angkor on Wickendon, great service and food too

            1. I just read on another board that Pizzico on Hope St has BYOB on Monday nights.

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              1. re: ccferg

                Yeah, I messed that up. The BYO option is Sunday, with Monday nights being 50% off wine nights. Oopsie.