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Jun 16, 2008 10:56 AM

KC - Taylor Pork Roll/Ham????

Does anyone know what this stuff is and where I can find it locally? I have seen it somewhere here...just cannot for the life of me remember where. It's a NJ/PA "delicacy" that my grandmother used to serve - grill a slice in a pan and serve it on bread w/mustard. It's not like a huge loaf of bologna.

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  1. Before I found it at the Byerlies grocery stores in Minneapolis I was just about to order some on-line and have it shipped. It is an amazing sandwich isn't it? Every dinere in North Jersey has it on their menu. Try a Taylor egg mcmuffin, on English Muffin with a little egg. There used to be a Taylor Ham eat place on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.

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      It WAS an amazing sandwich but I'm curious if I'll still feel the same way. BTW I meant to say it's not UNLIKE a huge loaf of you think? At any rate, I have seen it here in KC but it was more than a year ago and lord help me if I can recal....