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Tommorow night (Tues) 3 buddies getting together. Looking for nice food and drinks. In the have past visited places like Bymark

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Hi Hounds, If you can give us some options. We have never gone to Jamie k's. Not certain if this is a good option for us. Looking for some decent food, Could be a superb burger as that at Bymark or even a great crusted porkloin or superb pasta somewhere. Looking for a nice not to quiet atmosphere and good wines. Lunita??

Please give us some help....... Thank you,

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  1. Mistura might suit your needs to a tee.

    1. The Rosebud on Queen might be fun; Or Czehoski.

      1. Brassai or Lee's could work or Harbord St....good wines yummie food and great service...Miranda

        1. Crush might be a good call (although I haven't been since the reno).

          Also, Rodney's is in that area (if you're into Oysters).

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            Thanks Hounds, sounds great so far. Can anyone weigh in on Lunita or Jamie k's.

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              JK Wine Bar is great. Great food, great wine list. Vibe is lively, though quieter at the tables than at the bars. Could be a great spot for your buddy night.

              I've read good things about l'Unita, but haven't been myself.

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                If you're looking for a slightly more boisterous ("not too quiet" as you put it) place, L'Unita might be a good choice. However, they're both really great options and I suspect you'd be happy at either.

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                  I backed off JK because I think the action is at the bar and three-at-bar is awkward. We've declined table service (in favour of bar) because it felt a bit staid.

                  Dunno about L'Unita. But I think Sopra (above Mistura) is a pretty cool venue (again finding Mistura, while excellent, relatively staid for boys night out).

                  Can anyone cook at Lobby, or is it really icky?

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                    Like I said earlier, if good food and wine is your focus then Mistura would definitely be the place, and as mentioned above you could go upstairs afterwards to Sopra which is always hopping.

                    I have to say the last couple of times I've been to Mistura it was quite loud and happening. I know a number of guys that feel quite comfortable doing the boys night out there so I have to disagree with you on this one Rabbit.

                    L'Unita would be a good 2nd choice.

              2. L'Unita is amazing. Great food and service and atmosphere at not crazy prices. Everything we had was great; except for the olive oil lemon cake ( a waiter recommendation that was not as great as hyped up to be.) It is a great place to linger over drinks and appetizers with a great vibe without it being to clubby (unless you want clubby).

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                1. If you enjoyed Bymark, and are looking for someplace to eat, then hang out for drinks, on the patio or inside while the place fills up with the later crowd - try Spice Route - new on King West (499 I believe). Newest cuisine/nightclub in the area and actually has some good dishes on the menu. I've been a few times and have seen a number of groups of guys having a blast.


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                    Reports on this board indicate the food at Spice Route is not very good, so be warned!


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                      Mark McEwan (Bymark, North 44) recently opened a new restaurant called One at Hazelton Hotel: http://www.onehazelton.com/ Don't know if it is any good but it looks pretty hip from the outside.

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                        I wouldn't find it at all worth it to go to One. It is just way over priced for the the food you are getting. There are much better options out there.

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                        been to Spice Route... I was just passing by and looked pretty cool so went back with my girlfriend a couple of days later. The food definitely isn't up to par but I understand the hype... From what I've heard it's run by the owner of Ultra and I think they're heading toward the same kinda style. It was jam packed but I don't think people go there for the food.

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                          One of the owners of Ultra,(Charles K.) is a partner in Spice Route. The other owner is Nick from Liberty Group,( Court House, C Lounge etc..)
                          I would skip the food there, and just go for cocktails

                    2. Well the request was for last night, so I hope Porto reports back about where they went.

                      (NOT the chef)

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                        Hey Everyone,
                        We tried to get into Czehoski and culd not get a table. Based on Toronto Fast Foodie's review of L'unita we got a 7pm seating and pleasently enjoyed the evening. Room get's a bit loud which we did not mind. Food was well priced and good tasting. It's a straightforward italian style eatery with decent portions, we shared the assorted salami tray (well presented) and the olives bowl. we also shared in a mushroom pizza that I believe had fonina cheese on it. Rich although tasty, crust was nice too. Finally we each had a pasta dish, all the noodles made in house, the gnocci were the winner. I would certainly go again. Great place to also go with significant other.