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Jun 16, 2008 10:54 AM

Trendy, Hollywoodish, reasonable place for visiting 13 year old from KY

My cousin is bringing her Hollywood obsessed daughter to visit from Kentucky in two weeks. I've been tasked with coming up with a restaurant that (a) is kind of trendy, (b) won't cause my relatives to pass out from the prices (maybe $25 entrees tops), (c) isn't too strange for them (my mom vetoed my dad's choice of Korean bbq), (d) has somewhat decent food and (e) will accept a reservation for 11-13 people on 2 weeks notice. Easy, right? So far, I've come up with Cobras & Matadors in Los Feliz. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and I've already scored tickets to a taping to a Disney show, so star sighting is not a requirement.


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  1. Every 13 year old loves burgers, right? I'd suggest 25 Degrees for the a la carte, customized burgers. Not too "weird" for the parents, and it's across the street from the Hollywood & Highland complex for the tourist appeal

    The smallish room has banquette seating and it might be tough to secure a reservation for a dozen people. Call and ask.

    Gourmet burgers with lots of options in bun, patty, cheese, sauce, and other toppings. A burger, shake and fries will cost you $25. Luckily, you can share an order of fries or oninon rings, so the damage won't be as heavy. I thought the food here was pretty good, albeit a touch pricy for a burger.

    1. You could try Lucky Devil's, Hungry Cat, Musso and Franks (kinda old school for a kid), the counter, a yogurt from Pinkberry, Moun of Tunis, Somewhere in the Brentwood Mart for pastries, Canter's Deli, Abe's Deli, Toast, Milk, Anglei Caffe, and more

      Frankly, not to bne rude, but they may do well with good old Planet Hollywood, from the sounds of it.

      Angeli is nice. Not expensive, itlaian, good with kids of all ages, trendy looking (not so new, so not in the "limelight".)

      Frankly, the new Palate in Glendale is popular, would they do big reservations?

      Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks has BBQ and a coolness factor-myabe not for a 13 year old, though.

      Maybe Ford's Filling Station? Might be too $$$

      1. newsroom cafe on robertson might be worth a try.

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          Yea, i agree with Newsroom Care. Reasonably priced....reasonably healthy. And often a celeb or two, which would be fun for the visitor.

        2. Citizen Smith in Hollywood has a great big table that could probably seat that many people and should fit your price range. Also, think that the 25 Degrees suggestion is a good one if they can accomodate your group.

          1. What about one of the restaurants at the Grove (but not Cheesecake Factory!)? Great people watching, star potential (even if you don't require it), packs of hip LA teenagers on the prowl would be interesting to the 13 year old, not too sophisticated or off-beat, high energy, and provides some opportunities for walking around after dinner. (Save on dessert and go for Bennet's ice cream at Farmer's Market afterwards)