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Jun 16, 2008 10:50 AM

Has anyone been to Twisted Bamboo in Oldsmar (Tampa)?

Has anyone been to Twisted Bamboo in Oldsmar (Tampa)?

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  1. Haven't heard of it. Where in Oldsmar is it?

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      It's on Hillsborough of course. Are there any other roads in Oldsmar :) ?

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        Just west of the flea market on the north side.

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            Haven't been yet but have a dinner planned next month there. So far reports from those that have eaten there have been good.

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          Yes, stopped by there in early June and have been back several times. There is no sushi on the menu and the fish entrees were obviously fresh. They would be selling themselves short if they referred to their food as asain fusion, which I don't think they do. Having said that, there is a variety of dishes that suited my family's variable tastes. My son had the Luai Pork tenderloin - outstanding dish!! I tried the Singapore noodles which were very spicy just to my liking. My husband had the pretzel grouper and I am going to have it when we return. It was sensational! Our service was perfect and the manager came by to visit not just check on us. We feel welcomed and will be returning with out of town guests this weekend!

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            They bill themselves as a Caribbean - Asian place, which immediately made me confused! What does that even mean besides indecision. WelI, my hubby got a deal on us eating there, so we went and I was going to enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised however, when I enjoyed my chicken udon - contrary to others on this board. My husband's shaking beef was well cooked, but was a tad bland. Our server however, was perfect.

        2. I haven't been there and likely won't. I have given up on "asian fusion" as everytime I go to one of these restaurants I pay twice as much and wish I had just gone to China Yuan, Pho Quyen, or Yummy House. Yes, I am bitter lol ; )

          1. GF and I went there for lunch a week ago. Sampler appetizer platter w/1 crab cake, 2 coconut shrimp, 3 steamed dumplings, calamari, 2 spring rolls with 4 dipping sauces-- tasty, would order again. Did not care for the tart key lime based sauces for the calamari. Burger ( "american kobe")plate- cooked MR as ordered also good but for $12 .. I would just as soon have a good burger for smokey bones bbq for 8. Drinks were so-so for $9 each-- zombie and mai-tai. Prefer drinks at Roys. Mai-tai at crabby bills has more flavor for less $..
            We liked the quality of the food and will return to try dinner.

            Regards, Mike

            P.S. It is located in the same center as the Melting Pot.

            1. It's on Tampa Rd just west of Forest Lakes. Went there last night and was REALLY pleasantly surprised. Such a nice departure from all the frozen burger/fries places that have taken over North Pinellas. Atmosphere was great, service was spot on and the food was delicious. Reminded me of a trip to San Francisco a few years back. We tried lots of dishes and they were all perfect. They even have a kids menu for the parents out there. They make their mac N Cheese with Udon noodles. My 5 year old thought it was really cool. My biggest problem was that I couldn't stop eating because it tasted so good! If you really appreciate GOOD food and not the normal chain/packaged stuff that you get at the other places, you'll really like it here. Even Bonefish is just mediocre since they sold to Outback. We need more places like this!

              1. Well we just ate there and for apps had the satays, spring rolls and the crusted tuna. The kids had sweet and sour chicken. Didn't find the apps very good. Satays were way over cooked and sauces lacking in flavor. Shredded cucumber salad was very limp although the flavors were okay. Not something you can make way ahead of time. This tasted like it had been made days ahead. I know I'll be going back for a group dinner next month and will have to try one of the entrees but so far this is not a place I would seek out. I know I'm in the minority since everyone I've talked to said it was excellent. I'll quote my daughter when she said, "dad the cucumber salad you make at home taste a lot better". One of the reasons I look for authenticity in ethnic food choices when eating out. I would have much rather been at Pho Quyen.