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Jun 16, 2008 10:45 AM

Traveling Pig Roaster?

A friend of mine is throwing an Eights party (celebrating 8.8.08) and wants to have a pig roast but doesn't want to roast the pig himself. Does anyone know of a caterer or business that would come to a party and put on a pig roast?

The bash is at Devens (formerly Fort Devens), about 30 miles west of Boston on rt. 2.

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  1. If he attends the Phantom Gourmet barbecue event in Boston this weekend, he'll probably be able to taste-test a number of local barbecue caterers.

    1. A dear friend of mine had a whole roast pig delivered for her birthday party, from Vinh Sun roast meats in Chinatown. I know I have the spelling wrong.

      1. If he's into BBQ, Redbones does a nice job . . . .

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          Thanks everyone ... I'll check out redbones and Vinh Sun (however it's spelled!).

          1. re: lescaret

            It's too bad that Blue Ribbon doesn't offer on-site catering because they have, simply, the best 'Que in Greater Boston That being said, I would add one more BBQ option which is closer to Devens and that would be Firefly's BBQ in Marlboro. It's also, IMO, superior to Redbone's.

            Here's the link;


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              I am far from a Champion of Redbones, but smoked on site pig which is then (relatively) immediately served is a little different than their usual gig at the restaurant. With that said, Redbones may still serve the meat too wet like they sometimes do in their restaurat. However, you can probably specificy exactly how you want your pig.

              Someone also said a while back that Jake formerly of Jake's Boss does some gigs (reference here was for festivals but may be interested).

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