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Jun 16, 2008 10:15 AM

torchy's tacos--what am i missing?

i've been to torchy's twice. both times left me way underwhelmed. on saturday afternoon i went to their store location at s. 1st and the place was packed. they have done a good job updating the interior and adding an outside area (although napolito's was one of my favorite little known gems). but the food is just is just blah. i had the crossroads($4) and the green chili pork($3.5). not worth the money. this food might fly in pittsburgh but not on s. 1st where there are better choices. can someone out there tell me what i'm missing?

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  1. Green Chile Queso and chips is my favorite. I do agree the tacos are on the high side pricewise.

    1. I have to second the queso recommendation. It is by far my favorite in Austin. I usually get a build your own taco, and they're pretty good, too, but nothing mind-blowing.

      1. You're not missing anything. The tacos are quite expensive when compared to other tacos of similar size and quality that are pretty readily available in town, and many of their tacos are downright bad. Your reaction is not uncommon. There have been several topics with similar reactions in the not too distant past. See: and

        Or...maybe you are missing something. Maybe you didn't notice that they have a very cute logo. It's Hot Stuff, lifted directly from Harvey comics:

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          Wow angus, you are right about Hot Stuff! I thought that there was something familiar about that logo. That's pretty blatant........

        2. Well, if you don't care about image and 'keeping austin weird man', maybe that's what you're missing?

          Personally, after I saw one taco called a dirty sanchez, I swore the place off, I'm nowhere near hip enough to eat there. :)

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          1. re: chucklesmcfarland

            I certainly don't put Torchy's in the "keeping it wierd" category. I personally think it suits all the immagrants from places that are used to paying too much for image.

            1. re: amysuehere

              I haven't tried Torchy's yet, so I can't say anything bad. I just hope it's not the same as Maria's Taco Express. I recall everyone raving how great it was, so I gave it a try. I was like what the h*ll am I missing. Never step foot again at Maria's Taco Express. I do miss El Pato tacos, or Maria's carnitas from McAllen, Tx. Mmmm.

              1. re: robbie6805

                I love them. Point me somewhere better and I'll be sure to go on my next trip to Austin on 7/7.

                1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                  Try El Meson on Burleson Rd. They have very good tacos.