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Jun 16, 2008 10:10 AM

Waterfront Grille/Euro Asian in Port Chester?

Couple of questions here. First - is there any info about what might be going into the (thankfully vacant) Water Front Grille space in PC?

And second - I've been shunning Euro Asian since I moved to PC in September out of a general sense of, "not my scene," and it occurred to me that I should probably ask around to see if my instinct has been right here, or if I'm unfairly dismissing it and denying myself an avenue of pleasure... It seems a little cheesy and inauthentic in my view, but as my husband rightly points out, I am a complete snob when it comes to judging restaurants by their appearance if I haven't sampled a single morsel...

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  1. I went to Euro Asian about 3 weeks ago. I was not impressed at all. It took forever for us to get seated even though we saw many empty tables. Th sushi was just ok- nothing to rave about. We didn't evn know how exactly our waited was because we had to just hunt people down for servie (we waited almost 10 minutes for our drinks to arrive.)

    If you are looking for an alternative, go to Asian Temptation in White Plains. The sushi is so fresh and I haven't been disappointed with my meal there yet.

    1. Never mind restaurants in Port Chester- is there a local newspaper? Can't seem to get a clear answer on this question.

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        There is the Westmore News in Port Chester, they also have a RyeBrook edition. It is a weekly. There is a separate food section, I'm not sure if that is every week.

        1. Re: Waterfront's demise... be careful what you wish for. I heard from a local retailer there that Waterfront Grille is going to be an Applebee's.

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            yikes, that sucks. If another chain must come to westchester I wish we'd get a Chevy's. Had it in Florida and really liked it. Applebees... not so much.

            1. re: momof3

              If must be a chain I'd take a Houston's myself but Applebee's? Really? Applebee's? sigh.

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                Went past there today and, yes, it's an Applebee's.

                I went to Euro Asian recently and found the food to be pretty good, but not great.

          2. I have just came back from the Euro Asian restaurant in Port Chester, I am not impressed.
            We went to eat something before the movies. The starter was good, (beef negimaki) but we waited for our main dish a long time, the manager kept coming and said it will only take 5 more minutes.
            The place was not full, so I do not know why it took so long. We ordered sha sha beef and shrimp. When I tasted my beef, I knew this was not with sesame paste, peanut sauce, fish sauce and chilli..but maybe oyster sauce. And it was not hot. We had no time, we ate it and then when we asked for the check, I told the manager, this was not what we ordered, and we want him to know that. He then said, it was the right order and they blend the peanut sauce so it looks like this brown sauce, and they make their dishes mild! He must think that because we are not Asian, maybe we do not know how sesame paste and fish sauce taste! We paid and left, no tips! The sad thing is that they would not even admit or apologise when they make a mistake.
            Definitely not a place to go back to.