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Jun 16, 2008 09:16 AM

Moving to Herndon, VA.. Any recs for authentic cuisine?

Hi all!

Husband and I are moving to Herndon, VA soon.. Very excited about it as there seems to be a very diverse community and AWESOME Asian supermarkets, restaurants, etc, which I sorely miss!! (I am from South East Asia and love all Asian cuisines.. actually, all kinds of food is good, lol..)

Do you guys have any recs for authentic cuisines in the area? My preference is to stay away from Americanized stuff as it's b-o-r-i-n-g and does not satisfy my cravings very well.. But *good* Americanized stuff can also be awesome, like P.F. Changs.

In particular I'd like to get your recs for:

- Chinese + dim sum!!!!
- Thai (spicier the better)
- Indian (ditto)
- Korean including Korean BBQ
- Japanese (I don't crave sushi but a great bento would be awesome.. curry rice, udon/ramen/etc.. )
- If anyone knows where I can get Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine like laksa, chicken rice, and char kuay teow, I will sing praises in your name forever

Thanks guys!!

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  1. chinese - go to mama wok in reston. very well-prepared chinese. also there is an indian-chinese place in herndon, forgot the name.
    thai- thai luang is the place to go. its on elden, near the kmart. they made my vietnamese coworker sweat
    indian - minerva (in herndon's clocktower shopping center) and mayuri in hunters woods (reston)
    japanese - obi in reston town center is pretty great

    plenty of great things to eat around here.

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      Indian-chinese - actually there are two places last I heard. Masala Wok for sure, to which I've been. It's a small chain with outposts in TX (!), and I thought it was decent; an Indian coworker liked it a lot. The other one I'm told is in the adjacent building to the clocktower, and is owned by the Minerva folks.

      Thai - also Tarin Thai. Any other thai than these two places while in Herndon/Reston is not good. Polly G has a post of a place up on Rt 7 in Sterling - she knows what she's talking about so I'll leave it there (I haven't gone yet).

      Indian - also Mayuri in the Hunter's Woods center - to the left of the Safeway.

      The only Korean we had is gone, and I don't know about good Chinese in this area. I haven't had Mama Wok, but I can say that the Vietnamese place nearby is very good (Pho Reston 75), as is the Mediterranean place on the other side of the new market - El Manantial.

      Japanese - Ariake in Reston is apparently good. I'm not the best resource on Japanese, but I've only heard good things.

    2. I really like Taste of Burma in Sterling.... Def def give it a shot.

      1. You'll love Yoko on Elden St. It's probably Korean owned, but its' the best sushi in Herndon. Lots of daily specials and a varied menu in addition to sushi and sashimi.

        I happen to love the Italian place, Zefferelli, in the middle of Herndon. Unquestionably the best veal chop around. Across the street is a Russian restaurant, if you like vodka.

        The best Malaysian I know is downtown on 20th and P or M. There are a few of them clustered on the corner there, one of which is the well-reviewed Malaysia Kopitam.

        1. Our favorite Japanese restaurant in Herndon is Hama Sushi. The food is great and the staff is friendly and professional. If you go there enough, they remember what you like to order.

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            I love hama, but mikaku is better, over off of mclaren rd, the sushi is very good quality plus they have a bunch of japanese cooked food as well. Give them a shot.

            1. re: scot

              It goes to show you--to each his own. We tried Mikaku and were very disappointed. It was more expensive than Hama Sushi and our waiter barely spoke English. For example, my husband asked him if they had beer and he said "no". Then we saw him bring beer to other tables. That said, the food was good so that didn't put us off the place--it was the service that did it.

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                hmm I can believe that. English isn't their strong point but they do have drink menus now :) The list all of the beers, sakes and

                1. re: MizYellowRose

                  hmm I can believe that. English isn't their strong point but they do have drink menus now :) The list all of the beers, sakes and fru fru drinks so no worries there. It is (a bit) more expensive for pure sushi, but they have a ton of offerings not available at hama. Don't get me wrong though, I love hama as well, but japanese "tapas" are also really good.

            2. If you like Caribbean food, Jamaica Jamaica is absolutely wonderful. I'm in Arlington and I try to get out there at least once a month.