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Jun 16, 2008 09:05 AM

Where to find GREAT, not just "ok" chinese takeout near Mid Wilshire? Close to the Wiltern?

ARRGGHHH!! I am desparate here! Help!!

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  1. Not a possibility, sorry. Suggest you embrace the Thai food of East Hollywood.

    1. Confirming that you are asking the impossible.

      1. Really, Korean or Thai are your best options. There's a couple of okay Pho places as well. On 8th St., a bit east of Western on the south side of the street, in Koreatown there's a Korean place that has a pretty good version of those oily meat sauce Chinese noodles, and also has some dumplings that are not unlike Northern Chinese dumplings - but I can never remember the name of the place.

        1. Nearest place is BBQ Unlimited #2 on Melrose and the 101; other than that, you've got to head to the San Gabriel Valley. You may find a gem or two in Chinatown.


          1. There are those who are still fond of "Hunan Taste", at Olympic/San Vicente/Fairfax, which I've thought, for 25 years or so, was "pretty good for a Chinese place on Fairfax", but depending on traffic, that's almost the same drive as Chinatown downtown. Go with Korean or Thai...