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Any Monday or Tuesday Dinner Deals you know of?

Hi - A friend of mine will be visiting in a couple of weeks, and will be in town on Monday/Tuesday. Are there restaurants in town that offers specials for Monday and/or Tuesday nights? Friend is staying at the Bulfinch Hotel, which is between Haymarket & N Station.

We do have a car but prefer places in the city. I think one night we should go to North End (maybe Prezza?) as it is close to friend's hotel; but undecided about the other night. Friend likes all cuisine and prefer somewhat trendier places. Would like to keep it <$50pp for food.

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  1. Wine Monday ($60) and Cheese Tuesday ($68) at L'espalier. More than the $50 you mentioned, but includes wine. It's a pretty easy green line ride to Hynes Convention Center from where your friend is staying. Be aware that as a party of two you may be seated at a communal table, less likely a party of 4 or more. I've been to, and enjoyed, both but I imagine for some people the sitting with strangers part might put you off. Their website has a full description.

    1. I have not been but have heard great things about Pops Monday night sandwich menu. Definitely a casual sort of meal but they do only run it on Monday nights. You can check out their web site for the Mon night menu...

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        The Neighborhood Prix Fixe meal at Craigie St Bistrot is 38$ , three courses Tuesday, Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sunday. It's in Cambridge, but worth a trip, and parking should be good on Tuesday.

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          I looked at Criagie St website but didn't see it mentioned. Did I miss it somewhere?

      2. Have not been, but Laurel Grill on Berkeley Street offers "Frugal Nights" featuring $10 (!) entrees Monday and Tuesday nights...


        1. I think DaVinci on Columbus Avenue has a Monday night 3 course price fixed dinner for around $30.00.

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            Thanks for the tip. I checked, and it's $29 for 3 courses. That's a great deal it looks like. And it's for both monday and tuesday.

          2. Something Savory in Arlington Heights has a 3-course Monday dinner for $19.95 - pretty much everything he cooks tastes good.

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              Are they still serving the 3 courses on Mondays for $19.95? I heard they had stopped.

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                They were as of a couple of weeks ago, but I'd say give them a call and find out before heading there.

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                No Monday dinner special on offer last Monday.

              3. Check out www.siblingrivalryboston.com website for their Monday Fight Night. I haven't tried but a chowhound search might give you a better idea of what to expect.

                From their website:
                After toppling all leading contenders, the culinary talents of our Sous Chef are pitted against Chef David Kinkead himself. Each Chef will use the same basic ingredients to make two different Three-Course, Prix-Fixe menus for only $35 each. You be the judge. The Battle is every Monday night all night long! Front row seats are limited!!!

                Sibling Rivalry
                525 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116

                1. The price of the Elephant Walk prix fixe went up but not a bad deal ($29.95, 3 course
                  and $39.95, 4 course tasting menus). Teatro does 3 courses for $29 from 5-6:30 on Tues. (thru Sat.). Also, Beacon Hill Bistro has a 3 or 4 course w/ matching wine dinner e/o Mon. for $55. Vox Populi on Boylston St. has 3 course deals on weekdays, Sorisso in the Leather District has $5 pizza on Mon. Sage in the south end has free charcuterie on Tues. (and Thurs.). Further out, Ashmont Grill has a wine w/ small bites thing for $25 on Mon.

                  Come enjoy our !