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Jun 16, 2008 09:04 AM

Any Monday or Tuesday Dinner Deals you know of?

Hi - A friend of mine will be visiting in a couple of weeks, and will be in town on Monday/Tuesday. Are there restaurants in town that offers specials for Monday and/or Tuesday nights? Friend is staying at the Bulfinch Hotel, which is between Haymarket & N Station.

We do have a car but prefer places in the city. I think one night we should go to North End (maybe Prezza?) as it is close to friend's hotel; but undecided about the other night. Friend likes all cuisine and prefer somewhat trendier places. Would like to keep it <$50pp for food.

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  1. Wine Monday ($60) and Cheese Tuesday ($68) at L'espalier. More than the $50 you mentioned, but includes wine. It's a pretty easy green line ride to Hynes Convention Center from where your friend is staying. Be aware that as a party of two you may be seated at a communal table, less likely a party of 4 or more. I've been to, and enjoyed, both but I imagine for some people the sitting with strangers part might put you off. Their website has a full description.

    1. I have not been but have heard great things about Pops Monday night sandwich menu. Definitely a casual sort of meal but they do only run it on Monday nights. You can check out their web site for the Mon night menu...

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        The Neighborhood Prix Fixe meal at Craigie St Bistrot is 38$ , three courses Tuesday, Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sunday. It's in Cambridge, but worth a trip, and parking should be good on Tuesday.

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          I looked at Criagie St website but didn't see it mentioned. Did I miss it somewhere?

      2. Have not been, but Laurel Grill on Berkeley Street offers "Frugal Nights" featuring $10 (!) entrees Monday and Tuesday nights...

        1. I think DaVinci on Columbus Avenue has a Monday night 3 course price fixed dinner for around $30.00.

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            Thanks for the tip. I checked, and it's $29 for 3 courses. That's a great deal it looks like. And it's for both monday and tuesday.

          2. Something Savory in Arlington Heights has a 3-course Monday dinner for $19.95 - pretty much everything he cooks tastes good.

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              Are they still serving the 3 courses on Mondays for $19.95? I heard they had stopped.

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                They were as of a couple of weeks ago, but I'd say give them a call and find out before heading there.

              2. re: rlh

                No Monday dinner special on offer last Monday.