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Jun 16, 2008 09:00 AM

pork shoulder in a convection oven

My new apartment has a convection oven. Twice now I've attempted to maka a slow roasted pork shoulder with less than stellar results. The recipe calls for 275 degrees for four to six hours. The first time in the convection I adjusted the temp down to 250 (thats what the ovens manual said to do) and the pork was a little dry . Yesterday I tried 215 degrees for the full 6 hours and it wasn't falling of the bone the way I know it should. It seemed a tad underdone. I've made this recipe before in a regular oven always with great results. This is on of my no brainer, go to, can't miss recipes. I'm confused. Any ideas what I should do?

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  1. Convection ovens use circulated air - wouldn't that be part of the reason it dried out?

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      I believe you are right. But I have no way to turn off the convection feature off.
      How do I compensatefor this?

    2. I would cover the shoulder in some way; Dutch oven or a deep pan with aluminum foil as a lid. If the air is not circulating around the meat, then you can use the regular temperature of 275.