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Jun 16, 2008 08:59 AM

Restaurants that make you sing...

We went to O Ya about a month ago, didn't report back because we liked it but didn't love it and didn't really feel I had much to add about it.

After we left, I was thinking (after spending a fortune on the meal) what qualities a restaurant has that makes me want to go back again and agan. Then I thought about Broadway musicals and drew a parallel...all the wonderful musicals I love have a song or two that I can't get out of my head; I loved so much that I would just see the show over and over again no matter how monotonous it got. (O Ya didn't make me sing) So my question to you is what dishes/restaurants have that "can't get it out of my head" quality to you?

My Boston ones have been: Sorellina and Neptune Oyster

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  1. I'll limit my reply to "ten tunes". In no particular order, these places range from a simple little ditty to Beethoven's " Ode to Joy":

    Red Bones
    La Campania
    Tamera de Haro
    Il Cappiricio

    Some are "in the city", others are in the nearby burbs. I think all are in the latest Zagat if you need info on places that you're unfamiliar with.

    1. They make you sing at the Medieval Manor!

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        And you made me laugh in my living room.

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          dear god! does that place still exist? most likely the worst meal experience i have EVER had, and that was thirty years ago!

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            When I went to the MM, I was singing the next day from all the meade I had there, but it was a different kind of singing, if you catch my drift...

      2. Oh, you have to go sing by the piano with Mel at Jacob Wirth's on a Friday night from 8-12. AND, no cover charge. Lots of fun and lots of songs in his song books that he distributes. Many types of beer and good apps. I know you will have an enjoyable time. Every time I bring people there, they end up wanting to return!!

        1. I don't know if this counts, but UBurger makes me sing "Cheeseburger in Paradise" (not that Kenmore Square is paradise, but...)

          1. Mamma Maria has this singing effect on me. As for particular dishes I crave regularly:

            Pizza at Regina's
            Garlic & Truffle Soup at Grotto
            Grilled Cheese at Eastern Standard
            Cocktails at the B-Side, particularly the Sidecar, particularly with mac & cheese
            Ricotta Dumplings at Oleana
            (I like cheese.)