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Jun 16, 2008 08:51 AM

No "new" icons?

And yes I am logged in as I can verify by going to my Chow.

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  1. i noticed this too. on the Ontario board (my home board), but did see the 'new' icon on the technical help board.

    then i went into a topic on the Ontario board and noticed that within each post there is the 'new' icon if it were new. but this is way too hard to go through each topic to figure out if anything is new.

    1. yup, jfood has the same issue.

      it's sorta one step forward two steps back over the last few weeks.

      1. An hour ago the boards had the new icon on all posts that I have not read. Come back a few minutes ago and there are no new icons, except for post that have updated in the last few minutes. What is going on?

        1. And when I navigate to My Unread Posts, the "New" icon is present on most of the posts, but not all of the posts. And on the posts where it is not present, many of them have not been read by me, thus they should be showing as "New" but are not.

          On the boards, either all posts are missing the "new" icon, or only the first one or two new posts have it, all the others have none.

          1. This is so screwy. I read this post and all the replies. Now the replies are gone. The new flag won't go away. Some boards have new icons, some don't even though they are new.

            There needs to be some reply other than the engineers are aware. Every day this site gets more and more unusalbe
            - bad latency so that I have to wait a day before reading posts to know I am reliably reading replies
            - no working hot posts
            - bad response time
            - browser crashes
            - computer freezes
            - not being able to sign on for a day
            - not being able to reply
            - not being able to report

            I might as well bring this up ... is it intended that there are at least a dozen tracking cookies that I pick up each time I read Chowhound? For a long time, it was that tracking cookie. A few weeks back when all the problems started to happen, I pick up 6 - 16 tracking cookies. I know this is Chowhound.

            There might be great new things in the works. People bitched for almost a year about search problems. The end search was pretty good ... had that been explained up front ... like ... we have a great new search, sorry it is taking a while ... it would have done wonders for customer service issues.

            It seems currently that the upgrads go into whiz-bang extras while introducing more and more problems making the site unusalbe without any response except 'engineering knows about it'.