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Where to get a good burrito?

A good burrito is an important part of my diet. Where to get the best one? Especially around Cambridge.

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  1. If you search this board you will find many lengthly discussions comparing the virtues/pitfalls of the local burrito scene. Anna's in Porter Sq gets props, as do a few others.

    1. I won't miss this opportunity to plug my favorite, Taqueria la Mexicana in Union Sq Somerville. But yes, there are a number of good choices.

      1. If you're in Harvard Square head to Felipe's in the Garage. I especially like their carnitas and tinga pollo versions.

        1. I like Felipe's as noted above, but my favorite is the Colorado Chicken at Boca Grande in East Cambridge (not their other locations for some reason) - black beans, no cheese, no rice, and ask for the extra hot sauce (not more of the regular hot sauce, a different more spicy condiment).

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            The beef biria burritos are really good too at Boca Grande. I've had it at the Mass Ave (Harvard/Porter) location and also the Brighton Village location, both very good.

          2. While we're calling out favorite dishes, I'll recommend both the chile verde burritos and the tacos al pastor at Anna's.

            1. If you are up on the north shore, Wrapture in Beverly has great burritos. They have a great variety and all the ingredients are fresh. I highly recommend Wrapture on Cabot street in Beverly.

              1. I like El Pelon's burrito which has plantains wrapped inside it. Mmm.

                1. I haven't tried the burrito yet at Olecito in Inman Sq b/c I am more of a taco fan but lots of friends have raved. Very fresh!

                  1. Boca Grande on Mass Ave between Porter Sq. and Harvard Sq., at least their vegan ones. http://bocagrande.ypguides.net/

                    1. Can never have too many burrito posts. Love 'em all - Annas, Boca, even have been turned on to Chipotle (hang head in shame). But -- my favorite is the "burrito guy" as we like to term him in the financial district and I think it's actually a cart from Herrera's restaurant. Love their veggie burrito - and they're loaded with the perfect amount of cheese. Sorry its not in Cambridge, but definitely worth a try.

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                        FYI, and I am not kidding, my co-worker got a burrito with a piece of chewed bubble gum in it from the Herrera's cart. The best part is that a few months later when there were long lines at all of our usual places he went back to the "gum cart" and got another burrito. Needless to say he is a man that likes to take risks!

                        I guess that means that the burritos are either pretty good or he is really stupid! :)

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                          Hahaha - that is hilarious. I'll make sure to look out for gum. Though with how fast I eat it, I'm not sure I could even tell.

                      2. Not Cambridge, but right next to the Red Line T-stop: Villa Mexico. I love the carnitas and the mole poblano (get 'em "spicy"). Far, far superior to Anna's & Boca Grande, IMHO.

                        Villa Mexico
                        296 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114

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                          The one thing I would change about villa mexico is that "spicy" would be a lot spicier. I once said "yeah, extra spicy" and they didn't make it any different as far as I could tell, so whatever. This is a common problem for me, I never seem to be able to get a burrito that's actually pretty hot except at Viva Burrito, and then that's only because they have the hot sauce bar right there.

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                            Yah, I suggested spicy since it just seems much more flavorful to me - it's doesn't really have that much heat. I'm OK w/ that but I could see heat fiends wanting more.

                        2. Tacos Lupita on Elm St. in Somerville...close to the intersection of Elm and Somerville Ave.

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                            That's probably my favorite. IMO, Lupita, El Pelon & Villa Mexico are in a class by themselves.