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Jun 16, 2008 08:41 AM

Whoopie Pies?

Has anyone seen a bakery in town that offers whoopie pies?

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  1. Whoopie pies are my favorite treat, and I have yet to see them in TX or anywhere in the south. When I bring them up everyone replies Moon Pies, but as you know, these are a very different animal. Wicked Whoopies in Maine will ship them. They are not the best I have ever had, but they definitely get the job done. We get a dozen sent for my birthday every year. They offer different flavors beside the traditional (chocolate and peanut butter filling, vanilla cake and red velvet – this is by far the weakest flavor). They will also ship a whoopee cake, but I haven’t had this yet. If you find a resource in TX, please share!

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      I have never had either a Whoopie Pie or Moon Pie.

      What is the difference?

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        A whoopie pie has two thick, soft, moist, rich chocolate cakes (about the size of very large cookies) with marshmellow cream frosting in the middle. A Moon pie is two thin, semi hard, vanilla cookies (about the size of average cookies) with a marshmellow in the middle and then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate.

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          Whoopie Pies are two cake-like cookies with frosting sandwiched between them. They're an Amish specialty, but can be found all around the Northeast. The closest I've ever seen around here is Oreo Cakesters.

          Moon Pies are round graham crackers with marshmallow sandwiched between them and dipped in chocolate (or vanilla/banana frosting). They're mass produced and can be found in grocery stores and gas stations everywhere in the South.

      2. I think I remember seeing a vegan version at Dhaba Joy.

        1. I am almost sure I saw something that fits this description at Central Market (north) about a week ago. It was a display in the center of the aisle as you make your way around the bend in the bakery department. They are made there. Two chocolate cakes (each about the size of the bottom of a pie tin) with some sort of white cream filling. I am almost sure the sign said WHOOPIE PIES! I was in a rush and couldn't get one, but have been meaning to go back and try. They look delicious!

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            Yes, here's another recent thread about whoopie pies:


            I know that Central Market, Sugar Mama's, and Walton's Fancy & Staple all carry them at the moment.

          2. There was a similar, if not the same, post on the Austin board asking about whoopie pies called "Who's got whoopie pies?" by bookgrrl72 and it has 14 replies so far. You might want to check that out.

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              The Whoopie pie is a very elusive and wonderful baked item here in Texas or anywhere south of the Mason-Dison line.I have resorted to making my own after the ones at CM and Waltons did'nt quite cut it.Both are sweeter than hey need to be.Wiked Whoopie (believe that is the companies name)make a great one.Back to ones I make my own.I started with the New York Times recipe March 18th food section and then play with the basic recipes.Just completed espresso cake with beer-bacon buttercream.Yes thats right beer and bacon.Get the basic recipe and play with your food.Have fun.

            2. So I haven't been to this place yet but their menu online says that they have whoopie pies! It's called Austin Cookie Lounge:

              I want to check it out soon and try their cookies and whoopie pies, my parents just brought me some back from Maine & New Hampshire...Yum!

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                If I were you, I'd get to the Cookie Lounge stat. Rumor has it they're struggling.