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Jun 16, 2008 08:33 AM

Batista's Puerto Rican - Keansburg NJ

Stopped for take-out dinner. Brand new establishment, we were there on their second day of business. It's a small place with about 4 tables. Very friendly bustling neighborhood place.

This is soulful heavy comfort food. The older mother and father do the cooking. The son works the counter. We got stewed chicken and roast pork. Entries come with rice and beans, but we opted for yellow rice with pigeon peas. And a "pastillone" (sp?), a sort of frittata made of plantain, ground beef, and egg. All food very tasty. Glad to have this place near our home.

We didn't get dessert. I saw tres leches cake, cheesecake, and guava pastries. All house-made.

Batista's Puerto Rican Eatery
288 Main St
Keansburg NJ
Open for lunch and dinner everyday.

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    1. Batista's puertorican eatery was great.
      I haven't tasted such great food in a long time.
      It's nice to have them so close to home.

      1. I'll start by first saying thanks Val! I love Puerto Rican food, and gave this place a try for 'brunch' on Sunday. No, they don't serve brunch, I just don't eat breakfast! My wife and I tried the empanada. papa relleno, (preferred the Papa Relleno- the filling had more flavor, though the were both filled with groung beef) and both ordered the Pernil (roast pork).The crackling on the roast pork was fantastic, as was the rest of the pork. I opted for the red beans, which were cooked together with diced potatoes,(exactly how I love it) - very good. I thought the Arroz Amarillo was a little bland, but good. Exactly as you called it, heavy comfort food, something that I have missed for a long time, since Celinda's in Keyport closed. Oh and by the way, I had to take a Cuban sandwich home to have for dinner after work, it was very good, although I prefer Swiss cheese to American, (both yellow & white)and will order it without the yellow next time.

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          I'm going to agree with Drew on this. Stopped in last night for some take-out. There are a few tables there to eat at, no wait service, not that type of place. Ordered papa rellenos, fried plantains, one cuban sandwich, and one rotiessiere chicken entree. Waited about 25 minutes which didn't bother me. They give you a generous portion of food, all this for about $18.00. The sandwich was monstrous. Papa rellenos were very good, not greasy, a good balance of meat and potatoes and the meat had a wonderful flavor. Comparing to Salsa Latinas (which besides being cold) had about a half a teaspoon of meat filling and all potato. Fried plantains were good and they were not thick! Cuban sandwich was huge and had good flavors. Like Drew, I prefer Swiss on mine, not American, but otherwise good. Rotissiere chicken was good, some parts were dry, others were moist, but otherwise good. Yellow rice and pidgeon peas wasn't dry and nicely seasoned. Was it the best I've had? No. Was it good? Yes. Would I return? Definitely. And I'd definitely go back here instead of Salsa Latina. I'll be posting a full review with pics on my blog soon.

          1. re: dani0622

            Thanks dani. I appreciate the comparison to Salsa Latina.

        2. Batista's is under new ownership. I popped in to look at the menu. The new owner plans to keep the Puerto Rican food, and wants to expand the menu to offer items like lasagna and spanakopita.

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          1. re: val ann c

            Puerto Rican/Italian/Greek restaurant? Interesting.

            1. re: bgut1

              I went in the other day and tried the food. It was out of this world. The pulled pork was so good. My wife had the spinach pie and it was excellent. They have out Thanksgiving specials. I love it. Nobody feels like cooking. I deffinetly recomend it.
              The new owners are great. Frank is the chef. He is unbelievable. Great food.