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Jun 16, 2008 08:12 AM

Please Help Quick!! Food torture at 6 flags!

it's been a few years since I posted this and now I'm going again! Is there anything even remotly interesting at 6 flags to eat!!?? I'm chaperoning a school group and cannot stomach carny food

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  1. You're probably still screwed- bring a backpack with an ice pack and check it into a locker. the last time I was there the only thing I could stomach was what they called "pizza", which was some rubbery "cheese" and a red sauce that tasted vaguely like tomatoes on a bread-like concoction and served in wedges.

    1. I suggest smuggling something in.

        1. re: trufflehound

          I don't know if they can leave and take a bunch of kids out to lunch... Is it easy enough to leave and get back in?
          We go to the Pilot Pen Tennis tournament every year and we always go out to eat or, our new, favorite thing to do is have a picnic meal in the parking area. We go get it from the car and spread out a blanket, on the grass, in the shade, outside the stadium, and eat. We have a bottle of wine and all the good stuff. There are no restrictions outside of the event. Once I went and brought back BBQ. Essentially "tailgating".
          Can you do something like that with all the kids? Might be a fun thing to do and a break from carny. Perhaps you could get them all involved, to bring something? Find a "scenic place" to picnic?

          1. re: Scargod

            ScarGod if I were you I would stop at a deli beforehand or better yet, afterwards (who wants to ride a roller coaster after eating anyways... eek!)