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Jun 16, 2008 08:12 AM

Silver Pond in Broward - Terrible Experience

We ate at Silver Pond last night, and I think it was the single worst dining experience I've ever had. The food was wonderful, but the service was so bad we will never go back.

We got there at 5:30 pm. The place was packed, with a big line. The front of house man (owner?) said it would be "about 15 mins, maybe 20" so we decided to wait. And wait, and wait. We asked about the status several times, and it was always "soon." It was chaos in there, and it was at least 45 mins before we were seated. If I hadn't be starving we would have left by then, but I figured, hey, it's got great reviews, be patient.

So, we finally get a table, and I definately ready to eat. And we wait. And wait. After 15 mins, we stopped the owner again saying "we are ready to place our order, can you get someone to take it?" And we wait some more. The waiter, who has been walking right by us for close to 30 mins, finally takes our order. We order X as an appetizer and two entrees. And yes, we specified "please bring this out first as we are very hungry." Guess what hit the table last, 15 mins after our entrees?

The food, as advertised, was very, very good. But we will never go back. It wasn't THAT good.


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  1. Probably Sunday at 5:30 on Father's Day was not the best time to try a new restaurant for the first time. The Silver Pond is usually very good both food and service.

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      Yes, point taken. Not that it was much in the way of families. At 5:30 it was mostly older (very much older) couples. However, it doesn't excuse the service. If you tell me, "sorry, it is a holiday, and it will be an hour wait" I can decide if I want to stay or not. I'll wait an hour as long as I have expectation of doing so. Don't tell me 15 mins and leave me there for 45 mins. And, once I am sitting down, 30 mins to get a glass of water and speak to a waiter for the first time is unacceptable, no matter what day it is.

      1. re: ldkelley

        I agree. Your timing probably wasn't the best. I've never had a service problem there. On the other hand, if I did, I would just mosey up the road to Hong Kong City now that they've reopened. The food is just as good as it was before and the service is just fine.

          1. re: qbdave

            In Tamarac, off of State Rd 7, a couple blocks from Commercial Blvd. heading North.

    2. I had an identical experience. Service is horrendous there and I have gone four times. Three out of the four it was exactly how you described. The reason I have gone back is it is one of the few half decent Chinese in the wasteland that is SoFlo. I

      1. My wife and I went there a few weeks ago, and were also underwhelmed. Not only was the service bad, with pushy waiters that made you want to leave as fast as possible, but the food was far blander than I remember it. Overcooked, too. At least I didn't get MSG poisoning, so that was a positive!

        I went there back in 2003, at thought it divine, as good as my base-line comparison place, Mon Kee's in LA Chinatown. We typically like the fire and spice, but are willing to forego it for flavor. Didn't get either at Silver Pond!

        1. I had a mad evening there back in August. We also queued for ages and it took a while before we were given menus. I picked a fish dish and was told that they don't serve that particular dish to Americans because they "don't like it". I told him I was British so he agreed to serve it to me. It was delicious!