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Jun 16, 2008 06:42 AM

Cheap Eats Atlanta, Milledgeville & in between

My boyfriend and I are traveling between Atlanta and Milledgeville next week and are looking for cheap, tasty food. We'd love any recommendations near Emory (or easily accessible from Emory by MARTA) and in or near Milledgeville. We'll have a car but we'll be on a tight budget. We're adventurous eaters & we especially like Mexican, BBQ, any spicy Asian food, and hippie-ish places w/vegetarian offerings. cheap breakfast recs near Emory would be greatly appreciated too.

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  1. Great Chinese food at Pyng Ho on Clairmont - ask for Steve, the owner, and see if he'll prepare to your liking off-menu. Don't know how cheap it is though. There's not much in Milledgeville - bunch of new places near Lake Oconee though.

    1. The emory area has all sorts of stuff within 10 miles or so; I go through Milledgeville frequently, and there are a couple of places that have caught my eye for a moment or two, I haven't heard of anything so great as to warrant a stop. Just north of Milledgeville there is a the fairly new second location of the "Old Clinton Barbecue", not sure if it is as good as the original (located just south of the nearby town of Gray), but if it is, it would definitely be worth a stop.

      As far as between the two places, are you going out I-20 and then down Hwy 441 (a common route) or going down Hwy 212 through Monticello? There are a couple of good places in Madison, Adrian's is meat-and-three place about a half mile off the town square that is cheaper, and IMHO, much better than the places on the square that feed all the tourists.

      BTW, if you go through Monticello, stop and eat at the Dairy Queen. No joke.

      1. Another fun place off of I-20 is The Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle. It's an old antebellum house with a buffet of southern food - lots of vegetables (but everything is either fried or slathered in butter - Southern style!). It's like a blast back in time.

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          I hope I we get to try Adrian's! Thanks for the recommendations. We are going on I-20 through Monticello, so maybe we'll hit the Blue Willow.

        2. Near Emory try Dusty's Barbecue on Briarcliff road. Not the greatest stew but a fine pulled pork sandwich