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Jun 16, 2008 06:40 AM


LE MAS TOURTERON near Gordes -
Anyone with a recent experience to share?
I'd love to dine there, but hear it's not what it once was....?

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  1. I'm looking to go here as well while in/near Gordes. Any recent experience to compare with L'Estellan or La Ferme de la Huppe nearby?

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      Have not been to le Mas Tourteron nor l'Estellan, but dined at la Ferme de la Huppe last summer & loved the meal. They've become a little expensive over the past few years (compared to some similar restaurants), but we've never been disappointed in the food. Also not far from Gordes are Maison Gouin in Coustellet (one of our favorites) and La Bartavelle in Goult, in case you need a few other suggestions.

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        :) All three of your recs above made the list for visit. I am thinking about posting my list before the trip for review. Thanks again for sharing your experience. From what I gather, Le Mas Touteron is worth a visit in the league of your recs...

        1. re: Kurtis

          If you post your list, also indicate how far away you're willing to travel for dinner, in case there are other suggestions to make, as well as what time of year you will be there.

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            I ate at Le Mas Tourteron last summer, end of June. It was warm and we sat outside in the garden, which was lovely. I was worried it would be stuffy but it wasn't at all, really casual, with friendly-ish servers. Inside was also nice, so depending on when you go, I imagine it would be just as cosy. As for the food - I really can't remember what we ate, but I do remember the dessert because there was a huge dessert station. You go up and they serve for you; we had 3 or 4 different ones each and each one was sublime. I would definitely recommend it. I remember being slightly disappointed afterwards but that's because I had very high expectations - I think the starters were better than the main courses, BUT, I'd go back, for sure.

    2. I used to eat there on a regular basis about 10 years ago. Enjoyed it a lot. But the last time I went (maybe 4-5 years ago) the place was empty for a Sunday lunch in the fall except for us and one other couple. It was WAY too expensive but it seems the price may have decreased a bit. I saw a 49 euro price on their web site; is that what people who have eaten there recently remember?

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        I've just found our receipt from last year and dinner for two with an aperitif each, a bottle of decent wine and 2 coffees was €143. I do remember now that we thought it was all good value apart from the coffee, which I have a horrible feeling was €7 each!! I think it did come with another little dry cake which we didn't need nor want, but for the price, I was eating everything that came with it!