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Jun 16, 2008 06:37 AM

Smoking in Rosey Baby

SO and I ate at Rosey Baby for the first time this weekend. Let me start out by saying that although it took a very long time for the food to come out, it was worth it. I had the crawfish sampler (one pound for 12.99) and SO had the chicken and sausage jambalaya, which was awesome.

The beer selection was fun. Apparently they change the bottled beer quite often and it great to try new brands.

Also, the band was really great.

Now the negative--the place was FULL of smokers. I thought this was illegal in Florida? Nothing against smokers in general, but I HATE trying to enjoy a meal and with every bite getting a nose full of smoke.

So what's up? I've heard that as long as the food-to-alcohol ratio is heavier on the food side, no smoking allowed. Am I incorrect? Does Rosey Baby have a special exception?

Thanks for your imput!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. kmills - here's some alternatives:

      for crawfish - Catfish Dewey's ( in Oakland Park. This is more Southern-style but they serve a 3 lb. crawfish dinner nightly for $15.95 and on Saturday nights it's all-you-can-eat crawfish for $16.95

      for Cajun/Creole - Creolina's ( in Ft Lauderdale. It's a little more upscale than Rosey Baby (but not expensive) and the food is very good. But they don't usually serve crawfish.

      209 SW 2nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

      Catfish Deweys
      4003 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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        Thanks Rick, we will look into those. The appeal with Rosey Baby is that it is literally two miles from our home. Oh well, I guess we'll have to find a new place. Thanks for the suggestions!

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          Did you go for dinner later at night? Their calendar shows the music starts at 9:30. My wife and I haven't been there in years but we always finished dinner long before the bands started up and never had a problem with smoking.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Folks, we've removed some posts about smoking. Feel free to discuss the food at Rosey Baby or other restaurants, but smoking and smoking laws are off-topic here.

          1. We also ate at Rosey Baby in Plantation recently. The live crawfish were amazing, and we managed to consume 10 pounds handily plus two pots of red beans and sausage that were exceptional. We were baffled by the smoking as well. It was during the day on a Saturday... but as it got a bit later and the bar filled up, it became intolerable.

            I dont know if we will go back.

            As far as removal of post mentioning smoking in regards to this restaurant... this is a valid concern in a state where smoking is not allowed in restaurants. If we didnt like the draperies or the name of the establishment... one would understand post removal.