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Jun 16, 2008 04:15 AM

Kati Roll London

Having read Midtown Lunch avidly for some time I was extraordinarily excited when I heard we were getting a branch in London (Poland Street).
Has anyone tried it yet?
I walked past one evening and it seemed to be open but when I went back during the daytime it was all shut up - terribly disappointing.
Does anyone know when it'll be properly opening?

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  1. this is v. exciting, as I will always remember them as a place that saved my life once when v. hungover.

    1. I know several people who are utterly enamoured with the place, but I think I chose the wrong thing (for one, it wasn't the version with the layer of egg!) and wasn't very impressed. I ordered the lamb kebab roll, and the meat was just overly salted (I had to gulp down water every two bites!). My companion really enjoyed hers though, and she's been there several times. Can't say I'll be back based on that one visit though, at least not for a while...

      1. I went there a couple of weeks ago. It did seem to be properly open when I went in, but it does have the look of not being properly open from the outside. I can't quite put my finger on why, perhaps because it was always empty.

        I enjoyed the food, I think it's the extras and sauces that go on it rather than the main filling that I enjoyed. Very tangy, sourish taste. I was the only person in there though, there is just no buzz about the place that you would expect from a cheap lunch option. You only have to go into Hummus Bros, Malletti or Just Falafs to see how busy the place needs to be. I can't see them lasting long unless they get some more custom in.

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          what sort of time did you go? Perhaps I'm turning up too early - I walked past at around 12.30 / 12.45.

          1. re: isabella_deste

            It was about that time, maybe they've closed down.

            1. re: spli

              Well, I went, and you were right - it was open, it just looked closed because the door was uninvitingly shut and it was empty!
              I suppose they're just not used to customers as I was ignored for a good few minutes too!
              It was very nice - I had the spicy paneer which was tangy and contrasted nicely with the pickled tasting pepper - but quite disappointingly small.
              I'm interested to know what extras and sauces you got as mine didn't come with anything and I couldn't see anything on the board - or did you just mean the sauces in which the paneer was marinated?

              1. re: isabella_deste

                I meant the sauces in which it was marinated.

                It's really not an inviting place, and that's probably why it's empty. It's not really clear from the outside what it sells.