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Jun 15, 2008 09:49 PM

Report on dinner @ Queen's Hideaway in Greenpoint, BK

Did a double date for dinner tonight at Queen's Hideaway in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We went b/c we were heading to our friends' friend's bar and knew there was a restaurant next door.

Bottom line - decent food (nothing spectacular) and irritable service.

I had no expectations and was delighted to find a quirky-looking restaurant seemingly in the middle of nowhere in Greenpoint. We walked through the restaurant to the back garden area. We were greeted by an extremely bothered-looking waitress who said, upon my asking if there were any available seats in the garden, "Do you have any reservations? Well, like I told the other people, we don't have any tables and you'll have to eat inside." (not that I could hear what she'd said to the previous party). I asked how long the wait might be, and I felt like I was going to push her over the edge. We opted to sit inside.

One of my pet peeves is waitstaff who make you feel like you're causing them trouble just by being in their restaurant (especially when you're being totally polite as a customer!!).

Hubby and I shared hush puppies with Hideaway hot sauce (tasty, small and crispy, decent hot sauce (not that hot) and nothing that memorable $7), the tongue confit (that it was in a salad was a surprise, as my husband and I both thought the menu description described more of a meat dish, not salad; the dressing was a bit greasy, and the addition of strawberry slices was a bit jarring, $23), and a pancake with jamon, thyme and goat cheese (loved the honey (?) drizzle but the pancake was very thin, which made the whole thing a bit soggy - forget how much it was - maybe $12 or $13. it was an appetizer). i had a bite of my friend's cold lamb dish, which was very tasty (lamb was nicely seasoned, cooked just right and was tender - think it was $24). we had a nice bottle of muscadet for $34.

during the meal, the music was blasting pretty loud (neil diamond to led zeppelin), and i was afraid to ask them to turn it down. I felt like our friendly waitress would roll her eyes at me if I asked so kept my mouth shut.

Feeling like you're walking on eggshells with the waitstaff isn't the kind of environment I like to be in. That, plus the decent (but not great) food won't bring me back. There are many far better restaurants with more welcoming atmospheres. Too bad - I wanted to enjoy it and really liked the look of the restaurant and its out-of-the-way location.

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  1. Reviews of QH tend to be mediocre to poor. I would LOVE to have a fabulous go-to restaurant in the neighborhood, but it seems Queen's Hideaway consistently underachieves at prices that are far too high to justify their food. It's a shame, really.

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      i mentioned this on the gpoint update thread, but we've been loving lamb + jaffy lately. very impressed with the quality and the reasonable prices.

      1. re: wleatherette

        thanks for the reco, wleatherette! i live in LIC, and i want to explore more greentpoint joints.

        1. re: jesuki1

          no problem! i don't want to overhype l+j, as i wouldn't call it a destination place, but if you want to try other nicer restaurants in the area then it would be at the top of my list.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I haven't been to QH but my daughter in LIC refuses to go there any more. She said it was great when it first opened, but after sensational reviews made it a destination place, the prices rose sharply and the cooking became desultory. I've seen that before...