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Jun 15, 2008 08:42 PM

Something low-key near Town Hall

I'll be attending a lecture at Town Hall and want to know where I can have a quick dinner beforehand. Just about any cuisine will do, so long as the place isn't expensive or pretentious, and I'd like it to be within reasonable walking distance of Town Hall (1119 8th Ave) so that I only have to park once.

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I've been watching to see if you get any replies. That area is a complete dead zone. The only place I ever go within walking distance is the lobby and bar at the Sorrento which are both pretentious (although in that slightly charming fireplacesiinithe-lobby-and puffy-chair hotel way) and expensive. On top of which, the service can blow. Sounds great, huh?! The bar food's decent, though, and seriously, there's nothing else up there. You might be wise to grab something on Capitol Hill (where you might be able to find parking that at least you won't have to pay for) and then bop down to Town Hall. Good luck!!

    1. I don't know about inexpensive or unpretentious (I've never eaten there), but the new Rustic Ristorante is very close by at 1106 8th Ave. It's Italian, recently reopened, replaced Geneva. You can check out their website and see if it even comes close to meeting your needs:

      1. Would it be too long a walk to head to the lower stretches of Pine or Pike? Maybe you could park in-between and split the difference. There's some solid choices there, maybe Baguette Box (I'm not sure when they close) or Six Arms for bar food. If the weather's nice there's the crepe stand in the convention center. In a post on another subject, someone liked the Mexican place that's stuck in with all the hospitals on Madison, but I can't remember the name...something fish-related?

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          That crepe stand was a pleasant surprise to me. They did good when I was there (once).

        2. First Hill Bar & Grill on 9th & Madison has a largwe ecelectic menu (from burgers to seafood to Greek). Always lots of police cars parked out front but not sure what popularity with police indicates...