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Jun 15, 2008 08:39 PM

Dallas - Screen Door

Has anyone been to Screen Door in One Arts Plaza? What did you have, was it lunch or dinner, and how was it? If its even half as good as Hatties, I am going to be really excited!

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  1. you might be disappointed. sorry.

    1. So, I went. The space is very pretty - lush and airy at the same time. So that, I liked.

      I had gumbo and the asparagus salad. The gumbo was ok. The salad was ... eh.
      Seemed more like a side dish (a row of spears with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes and marinated mushrooms across the center).

      My dining partner had lobster bisque and a salad. Soup was ok. Salad had fried chicken on top. There was a good amount of chicken, and the fry was very crispy, chicken juicy - but no flavor in the fry. It was ok.

      Were I to go back, it would be for a cocktail at the bar, which looked rather enticing. (And I do love my cocktails, and its on my way home.)

      Any one else?

      1. I've only been there for lunch. The BLT (L= Lobster) and the Meat Loaf Sandwhich are excellent. I will be going back.

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          Sounds promising! And the BLT may be a good addition to my cocktail...

        2. I've only been for lunch. I enjoyed it. The BL(obster)T is very good. I thought the gumbo of the day also was good. My friends had the fried chicken and the catfish poboy, and both enjoyed them. I think it is pretty pricey. If you're willing to pay a premium for a lovely setting, go for it. As far as quality of food for the money, stick with Hattie's.

          1. My husband and I went for dinner last week and had a (shockingly!) good meal. When we showed up for our 8:30 reservation, we were told they were 15 minutes behind and escorted us to the bar to buy our first round of drinks. They have an interesting cocktail menu, and I ordered the blackberry and sage mojito. The sage was so overpowering, I couldn't taste much else. But, it didn't stop me from finishing the drink!

            We started with the pate trio plate and vegetable bean soup. The pate plate came highly recommended by the server, and I was skeptical that catfish pate would be palatable. But, it was delicious and simple. We had to ask for more bread though since they only brought 3 crisps for the plate. The soup had nice depth of flavor without being too heavy.

            For dinner, my husband had the gumbo special with crab and sausage. I thought it was delicious...the roux was just on the brink of burnt, which I love. I had the lobster pot pie. The flavors were great, veggies fresh and crisp, flaky biscuit crust. My only complaint was that the lobster was a touch rubbery. The portion was too much for me to finish.

            The dessert menu looked fabulous, but we were too stuffed to partake. But, we'll definitely be back.

            I think if you're a fan of Hattie's, you'll appreciate Screen Door's distinctive take on southern cuisine. It is a very different atmosphere and menu. The only downside is that it's very scene-y.

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              It received three stars in the Dallas Morning News on 8/22/08.