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Jun 15, 2008 08:28 PM

Late Night Eats - Saw place on TV show - forgot the name. Need your help!

So a while back I was watching a cooking/travel/food network show about the best late night dives in the country. One place was in Pittsburgh. They sell a huge sandwich at this bar late night that had french fries on it, some meet and other good stuff. Maybe it was fried. I can't remember much else. But I'm going to be in Pitts. this weekend and really want to go to this place. If anybody knows the place I'm talking about - I would be PSYCHED.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I believe the place you're looking for is Primanti Brothers Bar and Grill at 2 South Market Place in Pittsburgh. Phone: (412) 261-1599,

    1. Eh, you might be prepared for a letdown, but at least go to the original location at 46 18th Street in the Strip for the full original experience. Open 24 hours, can't get anymore late night than that! Here's more info:

      As others can attest, it's not generally regarded as the best sandwich place at all, just one that's open after the bars close and is an institution because of its longevity and notoriety. (Well, the one breeds the other I guess.) So it's an experience, not exactly great food, but if you have to go to what you saw on the show, this is the place.