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Jun 15, 2008 07:53 PM

Indosesian Restaurant in Seattle

Our family has been hosting a student from Sumatra. Before he returns to Indonesia in two weeks, he would like us to dine out on food from Indonesia. Did a search, found a posting from 2002. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I've been to Indo Cafe, 543 NE Northgate Way, several times. The service can be slow, but the food is excellent. I'm no expert, but I suspect it's authentic.

    If you don't live near there and aren't keen on traveling that far, don't succumb to temptation and go to Julia's Indonesian Cafe on NE 65th. I've been there once and have no plan to go back--bland food, served cold, and so haphazardly that my wife and son got their food a good half-hour before I got mine.

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      Thanks for the tip. Have you eaten at Padi in the U District?

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        I odn't koww about bland; my one experience at Julia's was positive. A lot of Indonesian food is eaten at room temperature. If it was straight from the fridge, however, that's another thing.

      2. I have been to Indonesia many times,and was not impressed with the Indo Cafe. Padi is also disappointing. Julia's Indonesian Kitchen off Roosevelt is your best bet, although service can follow the concept of jam karet. Of course, Indonesian cooking is quite regional; I don't know if Julia's includes Sumatran cooking.

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            Indo Cafe was pretty bad when I went.

            I had a noodle dish at Padi that was somewhat greasy but satisfying and cheap.

            Still need to try Julia's.

          2. I haven't been to Indo cafe, but I found Julia's to be passable, though my only experience with indonesian food was in Amsterdam.

            Review here: is from when it first opened.

            1. I realize this is a Dutch interpretation of Indonesian food, but is there any place in the Seattle area that serves rijstaffel?

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