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Jun 15, 2008 07:36 PM

Flathead Lake, Montana Restaurant Pics.

We will be spending a week in the Flathead Lake area of Montana in August. Does anyone have any recommendation for good eating in the area (Columbia Falls, Somers, Bigfork, Kalispell, etc.)

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  1. Here's a thread from last year:

    If you provide more info about what kind of food you are looking for/budget, I can make other recommendations.

    1. Weird - I just posted a report on that area - I hadn't seen your post. You'll have a great time. The post is limited to Bigfork and Polson.

      1. Thanks for the replies.
        Yes, it is a co-incidence that there would be two new threads for the Flathead in such a short space of time. Must mean that Montana is the place this year!
        To tarheelfans - I assume that Showtyme is located in or near the Bigfork Theatre? Is there still a restaurant called La Provence down the main street?
        To kkbriqqs - thanks for directing me to the thread. We are very familiar with the Cattle Baron in Babb. We have been with hiking groups that have stayed at Many Glaciers (Swithcurrent Motel actually). We are spending 2 nights at Swithcurrent on this trip and will definately dine at the Cattle Baron.
        We have two nights in Columbia Falls and three nights in Somers (just a spitting distance from Bigfork). You asked about type of food and budget - we are quite flexible on both. Look forward to your recommendations

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          Yes, Showthyme is right next to the theater in Bigfork.

          La Provence is still there. We didn't try it, but heard good things about it.

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            Thank heavens someone mentioned the Cattle Baron, though I didn't think of it because it is a far way from Kalispell. However, it is definately worth the drive. For those of us Montanans who remember the old Babb Bar, it was a site to behold! It was the place to go to witness knock down fights. Bob and Charlene Burns turned it into a family friendly, locally run tribute to Native American culture and art, not to mention culinary artistry, right at the entrance road to Many Glacier. (It is Swiftcurrent, not Swithcurrent). Another restaurant in the area is Two Sisters. It is also worth a visit.

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              Somers Bay Cafe (in Somers) is good. Tiebuckers (also in Somers) goes up and down - I haven't been in a couple of years, but it has been good at times in the past. Agree with others that Showthyme in Bigfork is great, as is Buffalo Cafe in Whitefish. I haven't spent a lot of time in Columbia Falls, but I do like Coffee Traders there.

              You're probably going to be there during both cherry and huckleberry season, both of which are worth picking up from one of the roadside stands or ordering desserts while out. I may be biased as Flathead cherries are what I grew up with, but I think they're about as good as cherries get!

            2. For a local experience in Columbia Falls, try the Back Room (broasted chicken esp wonderful, as well as native american style fried bread) After that, Columbia Falls dining drops off fast...... However, you are only a few miles from Whitefish, which is the culinary hub in the North Flathead. In Whitefish, don't miss Tupelo Grille (Cajun), the Whitefish Golf Course Clubhouse (solid Montana steakhouse, always great) and the Corner Grille (upscale dining) If you have 4 or more in your party, ask to be seated in the downstairs table, much quieter, select service.

              Bigfork: Showthyme is wonderful. La Provence is amazing, especially their tasting menu (genuine Parisian owns the place and is executive chef). Muraldos is fantastic. And, believe it or not, the Sushi Now is exceptional (take it go, go down to the lake and have a picnic, you won't be disappointed).

              Poor Kalispell, the largest city in the area, has only 1 remarkable restaurant, which is called Capers

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                In Whitefish don't miss the Buffalo Cafe for breakfast. It is right downtown.

                1. re: Jane917

                  I second that on the Buffalo Cafe. Lulas in Whitefish for Breakfast or Lunch is also exceptionally tasty.

              2. I just had two great meals last week at Tiebuckers in Somers. Be sure to ask for some of their deep fried green beans.