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Jun 15, 2008 07:04 PM

Sucker for a tasting menu?

I'm a sucker for tasting menus like T.W. Food in Cambridge and Eclanos in the North End. I like to try new and different foods and tasting menus allow you to try several courses of interesting stuff.

I have a frequent guest from out of town who's a big foodie and I want to impress him.
Can you share your experience about restaurants in the downtown Boston (Beacon Hill/Financial Area/Fanueil Hall/NorthEnd) or Cambridge (Central/Inman/Harvard/Porter/Davis) area that have adventurous chefs and offer tasting menus?

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  1. A few of my favorite tasting menus around town:

    Cambridge - Salts and Craigie Street Bistrot

    Boston - Troquet, No 9 Park, Clio, and definitely O Ya

    There's been so much chow chatter on all of the above that I won't go into details here, but search the board and see what lines up with your personal tastes.

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      Just had the 10-course tasting menu at Craigie Street a week ago. Terrific! Thoughtful, interesting, seasonal - highlights for me included the soft-shell crab, the scallop, the asparagus soup with pork jowl croutons, the squab, and the jasmine green tea infused panna cotta (among lots of other deliciousness). A knowledgable and helpful without being obsequious staff made for a perfect evening. Leave yourself three hours if doing all ten courses; you can do fewer, too.

    2. I recently did the 14 course tasting menu at Clio with the wine pairing. It was by far one of the best meals I have had. I have not done the tasting at No. 9 Park, but the food is fantastic, so i'm sure its great also.

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      1. re: NiKoLe1625

        I'll second the Clio recommendation. The tasting menu there is excellent, very inventive, and comes close to some of the best tasting menus I've had in restaurants in SF and NY.

      2. Enjoyed the tasting menu at EVOO

        1. Aujourd'hui

          I took my wife there for our first anniversary. We opted for the 6 course with a wine pairing which was one of (if not the) most enjoyable meals of my life, but far from cheap.

          I've been told by someone I know that works at a 5 star that the tasting menus are a money maker. Not necessarily a bad thing, it can be a good deal for both. He also recommended asking for the "blind" tasting menu. I guess that's where the chef really shows their stuff.

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          1. re: firewrx612

            Clio for molecular gastronomy, rare ingredients, beautiful presentation, amazing flavors and textures No. 9 park for refined, clean, modern french and italian