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Jun 15, 2008 06:33 PM

Traveling New England this Summer...Need some Help!!

Hi all! I am heading up to Massachusetts to visit a family friend, and then planning on traveling up to Maine. I was looking at the tourism website, and decided on the Mid-Coast Area (includes Bath, Camden, Rockland...etc). I am hoping that someone can guide me on restaurants. I would probably only be up there a few days, so I would love some good lobster...and whatever else you can recommend. Price isn't a problem, and I will try anywhere, so bring it on! Haha:) Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

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  1. Well, since you're driving up to Rockland, you'll pass by wiscasset, and Red's is famous for their lobster rolls. Right by the water, across from Sarah's cafe and in the town center. Good place to walk around.

    If you're going to Bath, you could stop by Bailey Island, they have a Cooks lobster house (or restaurant?) Don't remember the name, but they have a fantastic view if you want to stop for a quick bite.

    For lobster, I'd recommend stopping by Freeport (before Brunswick/Bath) to Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster. It's a little hard to find, so when you're in the main road in Freeport (where all the outlets and LLBean are), you'll see a big Harraseeket Inn (not related to the lunch and lobster), but they have printed directions on how to get to the lobster and its about a 5 minute drive from there.

    1. Bath: 5 Islands lobster pound
      S. Thomaston: Waterman's

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        Waterman's would be my first choice. To us, it's one of those rare, special places. Wear a hat and sunglasses if you want to eat on a picnic table by the water. Also, not a restaurant, but we found some good eats at the farmers market on Fridays in Brunswick. There's some great bakers. We got some fresh biscuits and then strawberries to have back at our campsite. As long as you have a frig or cooler, fresh berries make a great dessert mixed with vanilla yogurt.

      2. Hey milkyway!
        I bought this book that is my bible for seafood! It is such a fun read and has great recommendations.

        New England's Favorite Seafood Shacks by Elizabeth Bougerol.

        1. Here are some of my favorites. In Bath, do Mae's Cafe for any meal, late night dining has really improved here. Their sticky buns are to die for and take home bread and a wild berry pie. Kenebec tavern is downtown on the water with great views and lobster bisque. Kind of upgraded pub food but the patio is fantastic. MaryEllen Z's is also down by the water and has some nice crafted food but it is somewhat slow there so go with that in mind. Beals St Barbeque is also in Bath for lunch. I like La Garage in Wiscasset, same as where Reds is, across route 1. great water views with some real NE cooking including finan haddie. Before Wiscasset is George town and the best resto in the area, Robinhood Meetinghouse. Great food, cool, meetinghouse ambience, I love the sunday inflation buster tasters there. In brunswick we split between Back St Bistro and the Great Impasta, both good. This is my favorite recommendation though. From bath, take 209 towards Phippsburg. On the way down there will be a right hand turn, I think it is 217, sign should say Sebasco. Nice old time resort there with a great waterside pub. Lots of fried food but they will also do a steamed lobster dinner. Go at Sunset, it is a great outdoor eating experience in Maine. Continue down to the end of 209 to Percy's Store and buy an ice cream. Take it to the beach and walk miles of white squeaky sand beach. If you see an greying irish looking guy with two Pappillons, say hi, it's me