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Jun 15, 2008 06:02 PM

Vegetarian in Pennsylvania Dutch Country?

We'll be travelling in Pennsylvania Dutch country, near both Lititz and Hershey. Any suggestions for a good restaurant that's either vegetarian, or has lots of vegetarian selections?

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  1. I'm vegetarian and have in-laws in Lancaster. Vegetarian dining isn't exactly a specialty in this area, and I don't often get out to either Hershey or Lititz, but here are some thoughts:

    Isaac's Deli -- a local chain with lots of good veggie sandwiches, soups, salads, etc. I love their pretzel rolls -- they're very accommodating re: customizations, and you can get any of their sandwiches on one of these rolls. Also very kid-friendly.

    El Serrano -- Peruvian cuisine with a page in their menu for veggie options. Also has a tapas bar that opened recently (which I have yet to try).

    Fiorentino's -- Two locations; one in Lititz at the airport (not as strange as it sounds). Good and somewhat creative Italian cuisine. They also seem to know their way around an eggplant, which is a rare thing.

    Olive & Jasmine Asian Bistro -- On Rte. 30 near the outlets.

    In Lititz, I remember eating at the General Sutter Inn once and having a pretty good grilled veggie sandwich. Lovely outdoor dining.

    I've also heard some good things about the Chocolate Cafe in Lititz, but haven't yet tried it myself. The menu has some interesting dishes listed (e.g. chili con chocolate w/ vegan sausage):

    And, if in a bind, Sheetz gas stations has a few decent sandwich & sides options.

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      thanks for the info -- the Chocolate Cafe sounds intriguing!

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        i just returned from a week in the lancaster area. the local food is delicious but pennsylvania dutch cooking is extra heavy on the meat and potatoes. i needed a change and decided to give Olive and Jasmine Asian bistro a try after several locals recommended it.

        Open for 18 months,its a very welcome addition to the lancaster-albeit route 30- dining scene.Its an an area called 'restaurant park' which contains O&J,Applebees,Fuddruckers and the Texas Roadhouse BBQ.

        Its very quiet and upscale,with two rooms,seperated by glass doors. We started with a platter containing satay beef,spring rools,chicken wings ( very interesting spices and flavor)and crab rangoons (filled with cream cheese)

        we had rice and crabmeat. very flavorful and the rice was steamed,not fried.i had kung pao chicken which was also delicious.the service was very attentive and excellent. we met the owner who was very gracious. he told us that if in the area,call him the day before and he would prepare things "that arent on the menu" if we wanted.

        with tax and tip our entire meal was less than $40.

        the website is:

        located at 2323 lincoln hwy east in lancaster.the phone #;s are 717-509-7888& 7889.

        hours are mon-thu 11am-10pm;fri and sat 11am-11pm and sunday 11am-9pm.

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          it looks lovely on the web site -- thanks!

      2. The Fountain Cafe at the Hotel Hershey has some nice meatless options. Get a table on the terrace -- the ambience is much better outdoors.

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          sounds like a nice, relaxing option!