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Jun 15, 2008 05:48 PM

One City, One Table?????

Just wondering where all the comments are about One City, One Table......

I saw one Post about it with 8 replies, but thats it....

I thought it was a great, well put together event, and am totally looking forward to it next year.

Any other comments?

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  1. I went around 8pm on Saturday night and all there was left were raw oysters and some raw tuna tartare.. as well as crepes from crepe de licious and the 100% kobe beef hot dog from edo..
    SO and I tried the raw oysters which were quite tasy and fresh.. and we also tried a peking duck wrap from bright well as the kobe beef hotdogs..
    there was nothing else... or anything worth trying so that was all we had
    the hotdogs were cold and worse than street vendor hotdogs. can't believe we paid 10 bucks for 2 came with wasabi mayo and curry mayo plus some kind of veggie garnishing..similar to sauerkraut?
    and the peking duck wrap was also cold.. the only other food i worth remembering was a raw tuna tartare but there was only one left that looked like it had been sitting there for a while so we didn't have it.. and there were also some kebobs but nothing really mouthwatering..
    we gave up on anything else after that and decided to hop to marche for some strawberry crepes... because we were afraid crepe de licious would fail to satisfy and we would be disappointed again..
    overall...not a pleasant experience... although the event did begin at 11am.. i was hoping they would have enough stock to last till 11pm because the event was scheduled to run until 11pm
    may go again next year but probably early early on because i was really hoping to try the cheese steak from c5 having read the reviews...
    also i wouldn't recommend the event because there are children. which means angry and protective parents that scream and shout if you so much as brush by a hair of their child..

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    1. re: hippotatomus

      I get that you didn't have a good time food-wise, but your last comment about there being children present is pretty harsh. Most parents are not angry and don't scream/shout if you come near their child. You must really love it when a family comes into a restaurant when you are there. We used to bring our children to restaurants, partly so that they would learn certain expected behaviour.

      1. re: hippotatomus

        The event actually went until 9 pm. I am assuming that as this was the first year for this event that most of the participating chefs did not know how to judge how much to prepare. Do to the successful draw I am sure that there will be many more options left for those attending an hour before it shuts down.

      2. My wife and I went by just after noon when it opened, and were very impressed. Tried a half dozen different things between us and all were excellent. It was busy but not too crowded as to be uncomfortable. I look forward to this event next year and pray it will not become a victim of its own success.

        (By the way, according to the Luminato site, the event was scheduled from noon to 9pm. I think if you want the best selection, going at 8pm might not be the best plan.)

        1. The original comment has been removed