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Jun 15, 2008 04:32 PM

Has anyone taken a culinary class?

My husband and I are thinking of doing so, and just curious to know if anyone has suggestions? We live in West Los Angeles, and looking for something that isn't too far. Also let us know the pros and cons of the class you took. Thanks in advance.

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  1. It was a few years ago. (Translation -- before I had a kid) But I took a beginning cooking class (even though I cook all the time) at the Epicurean School on Melrose.

    It was fun. We made a lot of things that aren't in my repertoire (tea smoked meat, fresh pasta, etc.) But it was also oddly relaxing. Check it out.

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      I'd make sure that this class involved actual participation and cooking by the class. With some classes, all you end up doing is stand around and watch the teacher cook. I'm not sure you can learn anything more via this method that you would by just watching a cooking show on TV.

      1. re: sarahjane

        Thanks so much. Tea smoked meat sounds enticing to learn how to cook :)

      2. I recommend the New School of Cooking in Culver City. They are very well organized and you get to do a lot of the cooking and learn new techniques. I took a Thai street foods class there that was fun.

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          OK. Thanks so much for the advice.

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            I second the New School of Cooking. I've taken a few classes there (my schedule being the limiting factor) and the knife skills class really made a dramatic difference for me. The classes are a good size, not too big, not too small and there is definitely hands on worktime.

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              Do most places not have hands on work time? Just curious. That's the only reason we would want to go.

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                You will get a ton of hands-on time at New School of Cooking, which is a significant detail not to be overlooked. I went to a cooking school at one of my favorite restaurants, only to find out that it was a cooking demonstration with recipies. grrrrrrrrr

                By the way, I third the recommendation for this place. They have a catalog posted on the web.
                The fee includes a chance to eat everything that you and your classmates made at the end and they will open some wine, so don't let the prices fool you. You'll get top-notch instruction and a meal.

                1. re: kotatsu

                  I will keep that in mind. We actually went to the Chef's Inc. Class tonight. It was not what we were expecting. The menu choice was not at all what we were expecting. I'm not sure if we just went on an off night, or if the instruction is not in the right format. Oh well.

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                    Is there anything similar to New School of Cooking for those of us in Orange County?

                2. re: Heidi

                  I took the fish basics class and found it to be more of a "recipe execution" class. If that is what you are looking for, then this is a good school. I was more interested in learning techniques so was a bit disappointed. The instructor demonstrated how to fillet a fish. Also, we paired up and my cooking partner cut up the fish so I didn't even touch any fish during the whole class. I executed the rest of the recipe we were assigned but I could have done that at home with no instruction.

              2. I have taken a few classes at Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom near Overland and Pico. I found the classes to be interesting and informative. I am signed up for a couple of classes at the New School of Cooking and will report back when i have completed them.

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                  We have another class we are going to on Saturday at Chef Eric's. We are both hoping that the outcome will be more satisfactory than Chef's Inc. Definitely looking into the suggestion of New School of Cooking.