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Jun 15, 2008 04:22 PM

Prefer SNOB or High Cotton in Charleston?

We will be in Charleston shortly to celebrate our anniv. I had made a dinner resv at SNOB, based in part on reviews here. A friend of my husband's, who has a home outside of Charleston, claimed that we should go to High Cotton instead of SNOB. High Cotton is his favorite in Charleston. Would love to hear what others think, esp anyone who has dined at both restaurants. Should I cancel SNOB and try to get a resv at High Cotton? Already have plans for other nights, so going to both is not an option. Thanks!

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  1. I also live outside Charleston and would never ever choose High Cotton over SNOB. SNOB is a much nicer dining experience overall.

    1. It depends on the experience you are looking for. SNOBs is more relaxed, lively and has a more diverse menu. High Cotton is more sedate and elegant (in a relative way) and the menu is heavier (meat and game oriented). I much prefer SNOBs.

      1. I concur, both have excellent food but SNOB, ironically, is less snobby. High Cotton, I suppose, is more elegant and I could see how it might fit someone's idea of an anniversary restaurant. If that's what you want (elegant, formal) I'd go to the Peninsula Club instead. SNOB would certainly fit my needs for an anniversary dinner, though.

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          Everyone has hit the nail on the head. The biggest difference is fun experience verses elegant ambiance. They both do well at their individual niches.

        2. Whenever anyone asks where to eat in Charleston, I send them to SNOB. It's ALWAYS a fabulous treat. However, as the others have said, High Cotton may be a bit fancier, but know that both are owned by the same owner/restaurant group, so you'll get similar food at both.

          1. Thank you all so much. I'm staying with the SNOB resv. SNOB sounds perfect, esp since we prefer seafood to steak/ribs/lamb, and like a casual, fun atmosphere. I also went on their websites, and High Cotton (as mentioned by a post here) leans much more heavily toward meat, esp steaks. SNOB menu seemed more eclectic. So glad I posted to this board, and didn't cancel the resv! Thanks again.