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Jun 15, 2008 03:41 PM

Lobster - What's the best deal?

Our local market is selling all size lobsters at the same price per lb. Does anyone know what size yields the most meat per lb.?

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  1. The bigger the lobster the higher volume to surface area, so bigger ones yield more meat per pound. Bigger lobsters have much more meat per pound for smaller parts such as legs, swimmerets, body - even knuckles.

    Other factors; Hard shell have more meat per pound than soft (just after molting) because the lobster has had time to grow into the shell. Many people feel the soft shell meat is sweeter.Take your pick.

    The segment of tail shell closest to the body is wider on a a female. Not big difference.

    Lobsters after being caught live off their own body, so the fresher the better. (One place on Cape Cod keeps their lobsters fed in big tanks Great stuff.)

    1. Yup, R16 is spot on. Here in Lobsterland (aka Crawdad Country) the larger the lobstah, the more per pound. The defense rests its case.

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        Not always.. at one of the local places (not sure if it's always, or just an occasional special) anything under 6lbs is the "normal price"...6lbs and up it's $8/lb...or is it $6/lb if the lobster is over 8lbs.....either way, the cheapest its gonna be is $48..

        Also, my uncle, formerly a commercial fisherman who now owns his own fish market in Montauk, LI, says that the softshells are tougher...

        I've baited and pulled my uncle's lobster pots myself... and I'll always go for the bigger lobster...b/c it's FREE (minus the cost of the traps, time, boat fuel, etc.:-P)

        Random.... did you know that divers will come and STEAL lobsters from other peoples pots? They dont' have to pay for the traps, boat, bait, etc...very rude!

        1. re: QSheba

          Actually, lattelover is asking for the meat per pound ratio. Price per pound is irrelevant because there they're all the same per pound, and boy am I jealous.

          As for soft shell meat being tougher, I think that since there's less meat per pound the problem is overcooking.

          1. re: QSheba

            In Maine, anything much over 3lbs is illegal. Diving for lobbers is illegal too. There's a law still on the books, that it is legal to shoot anyone messing w/ your gear. Soft shells here are considered more tender, but w/ a lot of expensive salt water, hard shell are tougher, but firm and fully packed.
            Twenty years ago, I too worked as a sternman. I stunk so badly of bait that my wife used make me strip down behind the house, through my clothes through the cellar window and go shower before she'd have anything to do w/ me. Ah, those were the days.

            1. re: Passadumkeg

              Thanks, everybody. I always thought that bigger lobsters yielded more meat per lb. I picked a 3+ pounder and although I forgot to weigh all the meat I think I got about a pound. Is this about right?
              I always ask to feel the lobsters before I buy them because I want a hard shell. I sauteed the flesh in butter and made classic rolls - butter, lobster, a squirt of lemon and split-top hot-dog buns. They were delicious.