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Jun 15, 2008 03:09 PM

delivery in your area no longer available due to high gas prices

well i know i live in the hood, but is this happening to everyone, all over? have we seen the demise of motorized vehicle delivered food? if all of us collectively changed our delivery tipping practices, (omg some people think it's okay to tip $2, or *nothing* for delivered-in-someone-else's-car food), could i still get a gawdang pizza delivered to my house?

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  1. Why don't they just raise delivery prices on a gawdang pizza in your area? :-) So *many* businesses are raising prices for delivery because of the gas prices, why not delivery food places?

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      It's not an elastic economic situation, by which I mean that for a lot of delivery, people won't pay much more than they already are. They'll shift to something different like frozen pizza or something they can pick up on the way home.

    2. most places are starting to charge a fee for delivery or raise the fee they already charge. i don't think the tips have anything to do with it.

      1. the other night our pizza delivery arrived prepared incorrectly (we ordered three cheese pies, rec'd three sausage & peppers). when we called the pizza parlor they were more than willing to correct the order, allowing us to keep the other three, as long as we were willing to drive to the restaurant to pickup the replacement order. If gas prices weren't $4/gallon (NJ) I'm sure the manager would have sent the driver back to our house. So, off we went to pickup our own delivery :)

        1. I know a few pizza delivery kids - they are all complaining that their tips are way down due to gas prices and the downward spiralling economy. They say they are barely making enough to cover gas and earn a decent night's work. There are fewer orders too.

          1. a conversation w the folks at our local chinese standby: they no longer have anyone delivering orders. they can't persuade anyone to work the job, for love or money :(