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Jun 15, 2008 03:08 PM

fix price lunch nearby notre dame ??

I will be heading to paris next week and i will take souphie suggestion to give a try in La Cave de l'Os A Moelle for dinner and La table for a lunch (had reserve table from both restaurant. Btw. i will like to have another decent cheap ( around 15 euro) lunch nearby notre dame for my last day. I will like to try Le Pré-Verre. But is there any other better choice instead of this one ???

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  1. For the inexpensive parts of a Paris trip our favourite for lunch especially is Cafe Med on St Louis en L'lsle. Menus around 11,14,18 euros. We usually pay around 18 or 19
    euros for 3 courses with wine & coffee.
    Not many tables so be early! Good atmosphere and friendly service with food cooked to order so quite leisurely.