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Jun 15, 2008 02:28 PM

Whole Foods In Sherway Gardens Area

Anyone know:

a) Where they are opening

b) When they are opening

c) How they get the caramilk in the caramilk bar

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  1. Surprise to me. But, Sherway Gardens would be a perfect place to have a Whole Foods.
    Not entirely sure where they could put it.

    1. It's slated for 2009 - fall. If I remember correctly.

      The exact location, I can't remember off the top of my head either.

      In retrospect I've been quite useless, could most likely find out on Monday.

      1. As well, the complex that will be built at the south-east corner of Yonge & Sheppard will most likely include a Whole Foods.

        1. There's a plaza being built on the West Mall just north of Queensway. It doesn't say anything about Whole Foods but it would make sense.

            1. re: Davwud

              i heard it will be on the ground floor of 1 Sherway (if it does happen)

              i live nearby (lakeshore and parklawn) so i'll like it

              i wish it was a trader joe's however

              1. re: ssainani

                That could make sense, as they are constructing 2-3 buildings with a link/bridge to Sherway Gardens under.above-ground.