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Terra Burger on Eglinton?

anyone know when this place will finally open?

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  1. Yesterday afternoon I popped my head in and asked one of the construction workers who said he thinks next weekend, so I'll try to keep an eye on it.

    1. I drove last night around 11:00pm and there were still construction workers inside. Looked like they were making alot of progress. I just did a google search and found a "test" website. I'm looking forward to trying their burgers.


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        I passed by today and there's a "now hiring" sign on the window so hopefully it won't be too long til we can try them.

      2. They were open tonight. . .soft opening maybe?

        1. Terra burger is now open. Has anyone tried it? I walked in there briefly and it was empty.

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            I tried it ..
            they are doing a soft opening ... possibly a grand opening in a few weeks
            burger was good (all their meat comes from the Healthy Butcher just down the street) ... but personally i found their menu too pricey for me to go back

          2. My wife and I just got home from Terra Burger. The total cost was a pretty steep $34 for the two of us. That included a straight cheeseburger (terra firma) and a turkey burger, both with fries and two evian (evian is the cheap water choice). Our orders took at least 15 mins to get to us.

            Here's the negatives, the burger was incredible regular, I was hoping for something in the neighborhood of a Craft burger or South Street, but instead it was very usual, I had a burger recently at Brazen Head, a pub in Liberty Village, and it was much much better. The bun that it sat upon was similar to a brioche style, it's taste was alright, but it was too stale-ish, it had a similar texture to those cheap grocery store buns. They are using Brick Street Bakery buns, which I'm sure when they were fresh tasted great, but I don't think those buns were made today or yesterday, I'd rather that they froze the buns when they are fresh and thaw them for use.
            I asked for a white cheddar cheese and I got it, but it was a really small amount, nothing coming close to what I'd call "cheesy", but for that much money, like don't try to go all cheap on five or ten cents of cheese.
            My wife had the turkey burger, and asked for pickles, which didn't come, and when I did ask for pickles I was given about a quarter of a pickle. Why not just give me a pickle (which reminds me of a famous U.S. restaurant franchise's favourite comment of "give them the pickle", speaking to when a customer wants some tomato, give them some tomato, when they want a pickle...and so on)

            She said that she would prefer a Licks turkey burger.

            Overall, I feel like no one really gave that much thought into how a customer experience would be in Terra Burger, (like why would you put a flat screen tv. and a bunch of lounge chairs in a burger place?) There's not many seats, it's terribly expensive and....

            The entire place gave me the vibe of a place that puts a higher importance on almost everything being organic, as oppose to everything tasting good. I don't care if my burger or bun is organic if it tastes bad, I just want it to taste great and then worry about it being all natural, etc.

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              Thanks for leaning into the strike zone and taking one for the team.

              This review pretty much confirms what I had suspected this place would be like.


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                I think that if anyone is interested that they should check it out, but I was just disappointed. It's like the place is not sure whether it's a restaurant or a take-out place. There's not really enough tables to be economically viable for a restaurant, but it's priced so high and takes so long for it to make sense for take-out. Organic or not, I'd rather they buy meat from Costco, and take a few seconds and form a burger patty, through down some balderson cheddar and put it on an Ace bakery bun.

                Sorry for going on, the memory is so fresh. I think this shows the problems with so many new independent stores opening up everywhere. The # of stores is going up, but are there really enough people that are qualified to run them the way they should.

                I just hope that everyone checks out Craft Burger at King+Portland, another burger place where no one thought to think of the experience a customer has when purchasing a meal, but they sort of make up for it with amazing burgers and fries.

            2. Quick review to add to the above. My DH and I stopped in and ordered Burgers and fries (no bevs) to go. Our bill was around $30 bucks, which is semi-steep. I had the bison burger, and ordered it medium rare. It came well done. Also, the taste of both burgers was just so-so. . .odd because everything I've prepared at home from the Healthy Butcher is wonderful. I'm rooting for the place, but they need to tweak some things. Also, since the whole pitch is "organic". . .I was somewhat puzzled that I wasn't given a choice of bun, maybe a whole grain option. . .
              Still looking for my dream burger in this town. . .